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Signing day surprises of the past, II

Broughton High quarterback Daniel Evans already had decided he was going to N.C. State in February 2004.

The son of former N.C. State all-America Johnny Evans, who was also the radio analyst, Daniel Evans agreed to walk on at State rather than accept a scholarship somewhere else.

Drescher: Save your boos for the pros

The topic of booing college football players has taken on a life of its own on the Internet since Daniel Evans' performance against William & Mary on Sept. 6.

Luke DeCock's column about Evans started the dialogue and Executive Editor John Drescher continued the conversation with his Sunday column from the Q section.

Drescher's stance:

"DeCock stood up for Evans. I'll stand up for all college players. I don't think we should boo them, except possibly for poor sportsmanship or a clear lack of effort.

There's a difference between athletes who play in high school, college and the pros. That difference isn't just about talent. It's also about their age, their compensation and our expectations."

On hiatus

This blog will be shutting down for a couple of weeks, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything to talk about.

Tuesday's column about Daniel Evans was obviously a hot-button topic among N.C. State fans, while Wednesday's column about Eric Staal should raise expectations among Canes fans.

An excerpt from the Evans column:

But this wasn't just another quarterback struggling to complete a pass. Evans grew up sitting in those same stands, the Broughton High grad as much a State fan as anyone who voiced displeasure with his play.

"I love N.C. State football, and I love this team," Evans said when Wilson was made the starter in August. "I love my teammates, and I love this university. So I'm really going to do anything I can to help this team win football games."

That may not matter to some, but it should. If there was ever a player State fans were willing to cut a little slack, wouldn't it be -- shouldn't it be -- this one?

(By the way, if you're planning on emailing to say that "It's OK to boo Evans because he isn't very good," save your bandwidth. That's the point. Everyone knows he's not a great D-I quarterback. Everything he's accomplished at State has been because of his hard work and effort to make himself a better player. And he has won some games. He's fighting out there because he loves N.C. State and this is all he ever wanted to do. Go ahead, boo him, if you don't believe in that.) 

From the Staal column:

As Staal and the Hurricanes close in on a long-term contract that will make him among the highest-paid players in the league, the time has come for him to take the next step and join the NHL's elite.

His dynamic play last spring offered a preview of what Staal may look like in his prime. Now, it's time for him to deliver.

Feel free to debate those points while I'm away.

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