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"Community": Betty White raps with Abed and Troy (VIDEO)

Really excellent episode of "Community" last night, and not only because of Betty White's guest turn. That said, you should watch this video of Betty White's character (an anthropology teacher) rapping with Abed (Dani Pudi) and Troy (Donald Glover) at the end of the episode.

Click below to watch them bless the rains down in Aaaaaaaa-frica....

Community: A lesson in teamwork from Abed (VIDEO)

"Community" is now NBC's funniest sitcom. There, I said it.

I still love "30 Rock" and "The Office," but "Community" and "Parks and Recreation" leap-frogged over them in my Must Watch Rankings weeks ago.

There are always several laugh-out-loud moments in each episode, but my favorite part of last night's "Community" was the bored Abed (Dani Pudi) "directing" Shirley and Annie's foray into the buddy cop genre (Abed's cable was out). Their campus security volunteer stint quickly deteriorated into a competition to see who would be the "badass maverick" in their buddy cop relationship -- a notion first suggested by Abed. (VIDEO BELOW)

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