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N&O, other media outlets sue UNC for football records

The News & Observer and several other media outlets are suing UNC-Chapel Hill over documents related to the ongoing football investigation.

The lawsuit is seeking documentation the newspaper has requested but not yet received related to alleged academic misconduct by members of the football team as well as ties between former assistant football coach John Blake and sports agents.

The Charlotte Observer, the Daily Tar Heel and several local television stations have joined the N&O in the lawsuit. It seeks documents the university has not yet released, citing privacy laws.

DTH: Butch should go

The Daily Tar Heel, the student paper at UNC-Chapel Hill, has had enough of the Butch Davis era.

Today, it calls for the university to rid itself of the embattled football coach at season's end.

Amid bomb threat, UNC's DTH reports from the street

Generally, the news-gathering process goes like this: News breaks, reporters chase after it. Simple enough.

Sunday night, it worked in reverse. News landed on the doorstep of the Daily Tar Heel, UNC Chapel Hill's student newspaper. It came in the form of a bomb threat, now proven to be a hoax, that led campus police to evacuate several campus buildings. One was the student union. That's where the Daily Tar Heel is located. In an instant, the paper's staff had to relocate, in flip-flops and toting laptops, to the sidewalk. That's where editors, reporters and photographers spent several hours keeping their community up to date.

Here's what Allison Nichols, the DTH's editor in chief, told me today about the experience.

So it's late Sunday night and you're hard at work. And then what?

At about 9:20 I got a call from the opinion editor who had gone home from the night. He was in the front of the SU and our office is in the back and he said they were evacuating.

There were police. They had not made it back to our office yet but they were intending to. So I found out there was a bomb threat so I went back and got the staff out.

Were you afraid?

Click "Read More" below for the rest of the interview.

At UNC, uncooperative toilet paper clogs things up

A lot of newspaper reporters will tell you that the most fun they had in this business was when they were in college, writing for their student paper.

Here's a good example why: In UNC's Daily Tar Heel today, a story about "non-dissolving" toilet paper gets the sort of fantastic lede you'd probably only get away with at a student paper.

Have fun.

At UNC, a serious stress-buster

What you're seeing here is, apparently, the ultimate in finals-week stress relief: a dance party in the library, complete with crowd surfers.

According to the video, it happened late Tuesday at the undergraduate library at UNC Chapel Hill. One moment, the library is quiet. The next, it's a dance club, complete with crowd surfers. On the periphery, library staffers look on with bemused expressions on their face.

Not surprisingly, there's plenty of other video out there of this. Check out the Daily Tar Heel for more.

If you're viewing this at work, you may want to turn the volume down just a pinch.



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