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What to Watch on Sunday: Finales for 'Mad Men' and 'Veep,' plus several debuts

Drop Dead Diva (9pm, Lifetime) - The fifth season (remember, this was canceled and then brought back to life!) begins with Jane desperately searching for Owen, who disappeared just before their wedding. And Luke tells Jane that "Old Jane" is back on Earth and could be in anyone's body.

Whodunnit (9pm, ABC) - Wannabe sleuths try to solve a series of fictional murders in this reality-competition show, which begins with the contestants meeting Giles the butler at Rue Manor -- and finding one of them already dead on the floor of the estate. The winner here gets a $250,000 prize.

Crossing Lines (9pm, NBC) - In this new drama pilot, a disabled recluse and former NYPD detective gets an offer from his friend to join the team tracking down an international serial killer. The drama follows the International Criminal Court as they bring global lawbreakers to justice. It's produced in Europe and stars a bunch of fine actors you've probably never heard of. Worth checking out.

Mad Men (10pm, AMC) - It's the Season 6 finale and you know series creator Matthew Weiner isn't letting any clues leak out. The description for the show says, "Don has a problem." Well, tell us something we don't know. Like, are things over between Peggy and Ted? Will Joan finally land Avon? Does Pete now control Bob Benson? Does Megan find out about Sylvia? Do the Chevrolet execs come to New York from Detroit to finish killing Ken (Aaron Staton, pictured here)?

Veep (10pm, HBO) - In the Season 2 finale, Selina and her staff try to cope as the administration goes into full crisis mode.

Devious Maids (10pm, Lifetime) - A new drama in which four maids try to realize their dreams while working for wealthy families in Beverly Hills. In the opener, the ladies turn to one another for support when a fellow maid is murdered during one of the largest society events of the year. Read Adrienne's review of "Devious Maids."

Inside Man (10pm, CNN) - In this new documentary series, Morgan Spurlock takes an insider's look at some of the big issues of our time, like gun culture, education, bankruptcy. In tonight's debut, an illuminating examination of medical marijuana. Adrienne highly recommends it -- here's her review of "Inside Man."

Copper (10pm, BBC America) - The second season begins with Corcoran reporting to a new ward leader and investigating the disappearance of several missing boys. Meanwhile, Freeman is presented with a tough choice that could cause a rift in his marriage, and Maguire awaits his fate in prison.

What to Watch on Sunday: 'Walking Dead' returns for third season

Call the Midwife (8pm, UNC-TV) - Jenny befriends an old soldier while serving on the district nursing roster, and Trixie and Cynthia treat a middle-aged woman who thought her childbearing years were behind her. Great episode.

The Good Wife (9pm, CBS) - Alicia and Will represent an Internet start-up in a case that involves a search engine that is perhaps manipulating results. I love it when "Good Wife" goes all techie. Meanwhile, Eli tries to squash a potential scandal in Peter's campaign. (Note to "Good Wife": Can we please chill it with this  Kalinda storyline this season? Seriously. It's gross. Stop it.)

The Walking Dead (9pm, AMC) - In the Season 3 premiere, Rick comes upon a potential sanctuary, a prison swarming with walkers, and pushes the group to secure the area. Too many zombie kills to even count in this premiere, and a pretty horrific event near the end. Brace yourselves.

Dexter (9pm, Showtime) - LaGuerta is convinced the Bay Harbor Butcher is still at large and recruits Batista in her efforts to reopen the case.

Homeland (10pm, Showtime) - The results of Carry's Beirut mission lead her to believe she'll be rejoining the CIA, and Brody discovers that the bomb maker is on a watch list and in imminent danger of being caught. Also, Saul tries to get the jump drive with Brody's message back into the states. Another amazing episode.

666 Park Avenue (10pm, ABC) - Gavin begins to groom Henry for a possible career change, and a journalist discovers that whatever she writes becomes truth. Wait. Isn't what she writes about already supposed to be the truth?

Treme (10pm, HBO) - L.P. continues to dig deeper into his investigation of police cover-ups and corruption after Katrina, but worries that his work is starting to attract some unwanted attention.

Copper (10pm, BBC America) - Corcoran struggles to keep himself together on Thanksgiving after a shocking discovery shakes him to the core.

What to Watch on Sunday: Emmy Awards and a new season of 'Treme'

Primetime Emmy Awards (8pm, ABC) - Jimmy Kimmel hosts the 64th annual awards show tonight. HBO's 81 nominations are more than any other network, although everything for "Hemingway & Gelhorn" should be nullified. "American Horror Story" and "Mad Men" are the leading shows, with 17 nominations each. Presenters include Louis C.K., Ricky Gervais, Ginnifer Goodwin, Mindy Kaling, Jim Parsons and Amy Poehler.

Hell on Wheels (9pm, AMC) - The aftermath of the tragedy leaves Lily and Cullen struggling to maintain order, while Elam plan for the future.

Boardwalk Empire (9pm, HBO) - Eli gets out of jail but he clashes with his new boss as he settles into a different line of work. Meanwhile, Gyp Rosetti takes an interest in the route between Atlantic City and New York, and Chalky helps his daughter map out her future.

Treme (10pm, HBO) - Season 3 begins in the fall of 2007, as the neighborhood is shocked by police officers' response to a brass-band procession for a fallen musician. Also, Delmond (Rob Brown, right) and Albert (Clarke Peters, right) experience different reactions to their new album, Toni finds a new ally in her ongoing crusade for justice, and LaDonna is uncomfortable in her temporary lodgings.

Copper (10pm, BBC America) - Corcoran and O'Brien investigate a double homicide, and the evidence reveals that the crimes are part of a revenge plot gone wrong.
Breaking Amish (10pm, TLC)
- The cast grow more comfortable in the city when they get wardrobe makeovers and tattoos. Kate and Rebecca mull modeling careers, but surprise visits by Abe's and Rebecca's families could squash that.

What to Watch on Sunday: New 'Boardwalk Empire' season begins, 'Weeds' series ends

Note: Starting tonight and continuing through football season, CBS is pushing Sunday shows to 7:30, beginning with "60 Minutes." There could still be delays, so DVR accordingly.

Leverage (9pm, TNT) - Two new episodes air tonight. In the first, Eliot, Hardison and Parker team up with a colonel to thwart a terrorist's plot to launch a biological attack on Washington. In the second, Sophie is charged with stealing a valuable painting and Nate tries to clear her name.

Boardwalk Empire (9pm, HBO) -The Season 3 premiere begins on New Year's Eve in 1922, but gangster Gyp Rosetti isn't in a celebratory mood after hearing Nucky's plans to alter his business model. Also, Richard mentors Tommy Darmody and Margaret tours a new hospital made possible by Nucky's fortune. Meanwhile, in Chicago, Irish mobster Dean O' Banion angers Al Capone, and Van Alden hopes for a career boost.

Hell on Wheels (9pm, AMC) - Despite righting to save his own life, Durant must try to keep the railroad from going under.

The Great Food Truck Race (9pm, Food) - The four remaining teams arrive in Nashville and prepare a picnic for the country music duo Joey + Rory. Later, two members of each team must sit out of a challenge while their teammates train culinary students to do their jobs.

Weeds (10pm, Showtime) - In the one-hour series finale, the Botwins have returned to Agrestic (renamed Regrestic) to try to reboot their pot business. Will Nancy and Andy be together when the credits roll?

Copper (10pm, BBC America) - A gang's scheme to rob the wealthiest families in New York is uncovered, and Corcoran is charged with protecting patrons at an upscale fundraiser.

What to Watch on Sunday: Tying up loose ends on 'Breaking Bad' mid-season finale

TV's Most Dynamic Duos (9pm, ABC) - Robin Roberts counts down the most memorable duos in TV history, from a list that includes Archie Bunker and Meathead (I personally liked Archie better with Edith), Lucy and Ethel, Sam and Diane, and many others. Presented by the Paley Center for Media.

Leverage (9pm, TNT) - Nate and his crew take aim at a Wall Street crook. The bait to reel him in is a classic antique car.

Breaking Bad (10pm, AMC) - In the summer finale, which marks the halfway point of this final season, various loose ends are tied up while Walt (Bryan Cranston, right) contemplates a dangerous next move.

Iron Chef America (10pm, Food) - Chicago chef Andrew Zimmerman is the challenger against Iron Chef Marc Forgione. Judges are Mario Rizzotti, Alison Sweeney, and Jason Sobocinski.

Copper (10pm, BBC America) - An Irishman is hung to death and a black pastor is suspected, but Corcoran doubts the man's guilt.

Web Therapy (10:30pm, Showtime) - Newell (David Schwimmer) is still bent out of shape over an experience he and Fiona (Lisa Kudrow) shared in college 20 years ago. Also, Putsy (Lily Tomlin) gets caught up in a legal entanglement, and a disappointed Fiona learns that an old flame may finally be over her.

What to Watch on Sunday: Season finales for 'True Blood,' 'Newsroom,' 'Episodes'

Leverage (8pm, TNT) - Nate tries to solve the air piracy mysteries of infamous 1970s hijacker D.B. Cooper, thereby helping a dying FBI agent come to terms with never apprehending the criminal.

Drop Dead Diva (9pm, Lifetime) - Jane achieves Web stardom after giving Nancy Grace a black eye while her lawyer idol looks on. Elsewhere, Stacy faces a business crisis when a customer claims he owns the patent on the Pake.

True Blood (9pm, HBO) - In the fifth season finale, Eric makes one last attempt to thwart the Authority and save Bill from losing his humanity. Meanwhile, Alcide prepares for another battle with JD, and Sam and Luna try to escape the Authority.

Hell on Wheels (9pm, AMC) - Cullen struggles to maintain order while Mickey's and Sean's lives are endangered.

Newsroom (10pm, HBO) - In the Season 1 finale, Mac is shaken by a potentially devastating revelation from gossip columnist Nina Howard, and Sloan mulls a new job opportunity. Also, Will, Mac and Charlie confront Leona and Reese during a volatile lunch meeting.

Copper (10pm, BBC America) - A figure from Corcoran's past returns to Five Points, and new questions arise about his daughter's death and his wife's disappearance.

Episodes (10:30pm, Showtime) - In the Season 2 finale, Merc threatens to leave Jamie for Carol when he discovers that his wife and Matt had an affair, and Sean is devastated when Beverly turns up at an awards dinner with a date.

A slow start, but "Copper" has some promise

After my stint screening the post-Civil War brutality depicted in "Hatfields and McCoys," I was a little nervous about watching "Copper" (10 pm, Sunday, BBC America), a crime series set in 1860s New York City.

Thankfully, while it doesn't dodge the violence, brutality or griminess of the era, the depiction isn't graphic. It is, however, ambitious (maybe overly so) and a bit slow moving.

"Copper" is the story of Det. Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones), an Irish-American cop working in the Five Points neighborhood, the same area depicted in "Gangs of New York." (And the same issues.) Corcoran is a tortured fella, in part, because his wife has disappeared and his daughter was murdered.

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