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What to Watch on Monday: A special "Heroes" and "The Bachelor" returns

Heroes (8pm, NBC) - A two-hour "Heroes" in which Claire becomes suspicious of Samuel, Peter struggles to accept Nathan's death, and Sylar returns to the Carnival.  

Antiques Roadshow (8pm, UNC-TV) - The first of three episodes filmed in Raleigh back in July of 2009. 

Antiques Roadshow Raleigh: Behind the Scenes (9pm, UNC-TV) - UNC-TV gives us a special look at what it takes to put together the touring appraisal show, and what the show's producers and appraisers thought of their time in Raleigh.

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love (8pm, ABC) - In my opinion, ABC made a strange pick for this season: Jake, the "too nice" airline pilot from "The Bachelorette" who flew across the country to rat out that jerk-face two-timing hillbilly Wes, and then cried like a baby outside Jillian's hotel room. Speaking of Jillian, she and fiance Ed will be on hand tonight to help Jake sort through the 25 women. The whole idea of this makes me a little sick, but I bet I watch.

Conveyor Belt of Love (10pm, ABC) - Five women check out 30 men on a conveyor belt, with the belt stopping for 60 seconds so each man can plead his case. In the end, each woman gets a man. Okay, now I do feel sick.

Men of a Certain Age (10pm, TNT) - Owen's family must stay at his hateful father's house when his own home, which is still under construction, loses power. 

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