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What to Watch on Tuesday: Sundance is gentler with inventors

History Detectives (8pm, UNC-TV) - Tonight, a camera that may have been used by the first female White House photographer to shoot a picture of President Truman, and a 19th-century doll that might have been used to smuggle medicine into the Confederate South.

Quirky (10pm, Sundance) - In this new show, inventors submit ideas for products that designers and engineers attempt to bring to fruition. Tonight, an all-in-one pasta strainer and a revolutionary power strip. Adrienne watched three quarters of the advance screener before it broke, and calls it "a kindler, gentler 'Shark Tank.'"  

9/11: Where Were You? (10pm, National Geographic Channel) - NGC looks at life-and-death decisions people made amid the chaos of the 9/11 attacks and in the aftermath. Includes interviews with a police officer who was at the World Trade Center, and a Pentagon staff sergeant who pulled people out of burning wreckage.

Big Sexy (10pm, TLC) - A new reality show following five plus-size women as they try to break into modeling and fashion in Manhattan.

Combat Hospital (10pm, ABC) - Rebecca takes over triage when Col. Marks is injured in an explosion, and the situation leaves her with a judgement call to make.

What to Watch on Tuesday: MLB All-Star game and cable drama

MLB All-Star Game (8pm, Fox) - The 82nd All-Star game -- first time from Arizona -- takes place tonight. The National League got a rare win last year after Atlanta's Brian McCann hit a bases loaded double.
Memphis Beat (9pm, TNT) - When an iconic Memphis movie theater mysteriously burns down, Rice takes the case to smoke out the culprit. Meanwhile, with his mother in tow, Dwight hits the road to New Orleans to speak to his father's killer, hoping any insight will prove that his father was never a dirty cop.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King (9pm, ABC Family) - Chloe hangs out with two South American Mai girls and learns their outlook differs vastly from hers. Meanwhile, Brian is upset that Whitley's forcing him to go back to college, and Paul follows Chloe's words of wisdom on romance.

Flipping Out (9pm, Bravo) - Jeff's exasperation with his employees mounts when Sarah (poor Sarah) drops the ball during an important client meeting and Zoila is late for work. Meanwhile, Jeff gains a new client who happens to be the wife of rock musician Tommy Shaw.

Covert Affairs (10pm, USA) - Annie and Reva are captured by Belarusian police during a mission to install security cameras. While the pair try to escape, Joan sends Jai to head up a rescue operation.

Combat Hospital (10pm, ABC) - A Romanian civilian suffers a brain heemorrhage and needs immediate neurosurgery, and Simon must talk Rebecca through the operation on a cell phone from a medavac helicopter.

What to Watch on Tuesday: 'History Detectives' study clown suit

America's Got Talent (8pm, NBC) - Like this show? You get three straight hours tonight.

History Detectives (8pm, UNC-TV) - Investigated tonight: a spear that may have been used in abolitionist John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry, why U.S. troops were in Siberia during World War I, and whether a Ronald McDonald costume was used in the first national Ronald McDonald ad campaign.

How the States Got Their Shapes (8pm, History) - The new episode of this show airs at 10, but the 8pm repeat examines North Carolina. There's also an ep at 9.

Pretty Little Liars (8pm, ABC Family) - Hanna assists Lucas with his dating life, and some of Aria's buried memory's resurface when she runs into Jason.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King (9pm, ABC Family) - Chloe adjusts to having sonic hearing, but she ignores Alek's advice to use it only when necessary. Also, Whitley resorts to bribery when the Order dismisses him, and Alek and Jasmine put Chloe on a rigorous nighttime training schedule.

White Collar (9pm, USA) - Peter and Neal pose as wealthy bachelors to catch a black widow.

Memphis Beat (9pm, TNT) - Dwight and Whitehead team up to investigate a missing-persons case, only to be stunned when a nun emerges as the main suspect. Meanwhile, Sutton happens upon an abandoned baby and reaches out to Dwight's mother for a tutorial on basic baby care.

Combat Hospital (10pm, ABC) - Rebecca and Bobby operate on a severely wounded soldier, and the blood supply dwindles. Also, Simon runs into an old flame, a photojournalist who sparks his interest anew.

What to Watch on Tuesday: ABC launches 'Combat Hospital'

History Detectives (8pm, UNC-TV) - In the Season 9 premiere, an investigation of mysterious airplane parts leads to Hawaii and a story that's often overshadowed by the attack on Pearl Harbor. Also, an attempt to match metal shavings to the correct Civil War cannon, and how rodeo star Yakima Cunutt changed Hollywood movies.

The Voice (9pm, NBC) - The eight remaining singers square off in the semifinal round.

Combat Hospital (10pm, ABC) - In the premiere of a new series, imported from Canada, a team of doctors and nurses from allied countries provide surgical care to troops in Afghanistan. Stars Michelle Borth and Terry Chen. Is it just "Grey's' in a war zone?" Maybe, but it can't be worse than "Grey's in a jungle."

Nail Files (10pm, TV Guide Network) - A new reality series following the personal life of Katie Cazorla, a nail salon entrepreneur living a fast-paced Hollywood life. In tonight's first episode, Debbie Gibson stops by for an appointment and Katie gets invited to host a gifting suite at Sundance Film Festival. The second episode, airing at 10:30, takes place at Sundance. Our review.

Covert Affairs (10pm, USA) - Annie searches for a leak at the Farm, but her investigation could endanger her career if she becomes the next victim of a leak.

Storage Hunters (10pm, truTV) - In the premiere of a new series, a married pair of auction hunters are followed as they score valuable items from across the U.S. Tonight's episodes (there are two) feature a record producer's storage unit and a booby-trapped unit that explodes. truTV is also premiering Season 4 of "Hardcore Pawn" at 9pm.

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