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Why you should give a rat's booty about Pushing Daisies

If you need another reason to watch the quick, smartly-written Pushing Daisies, besides the fact that it's perfect, then let me present to you the hilarious Mr. Chi McBride.

I laugh during Pushing Daisies more than I laugh during How I Met Your Mother (which is a lot), and most of the time it's because of McBride's wry, compulsive-knitting, pop-up book-making Private Eye, Emerson Cod. Maybe it's because we have the same sort of mean, sarcastic sense of humor, but that man never fails to crack me up. He is the perfect balance to the sweet, fantastical Ned-Chuck-Olive love triangle.

Early in last night's show when the women are giddy over a magic trick that produces free tickets to a magic show, Emerson, who thinks magic is a "voodoo grift," feigns excitement, patting around his coat pockets exclaiming, "A magic show!? Where did I put that rat's ass I could give?" Then the Emerson eye roll I love so much.

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