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So You Think You Can Dance: The people take over from here

Lenni G gives the results:

Great opening number featuring All Star Allison and the guys doing Mia Michaels choreography.  I'm not always on the same page as Mia as far as judging is concerned, but the woman can really plan a dance. 

Entertainment portion featured a sneak preview from the new movie, "Step Up 3D," as well as another group number from the movie's dancers.  There was also an appearance by Christian TV which got a fast forward from me after the first few bars.  Had no problem watching the whole Allison Iraheta ("American Idol" girl currently touring with Adam Lambert) and Orianthi set which totally rocked.

So You Think You Can Dance: The krumper looks like a winner

Lenni G. ogles and reports before the finale:

Great night of eye candy for this old lady with a theme of "shirts optional" for the guys. But I digress.

Kathryn and Ryan were first up, doing a Samba (tribal version) from Jason Gilkison.

So You Think You Can Dance: Results show

Guest blogger Lenni G. gives the recap:

Kris Allen, current American Idol, dropped by to remind us why he won and Adam didn't. No gimmicks, just pure musicality.

You rock Kris, But, as usual, I digress.

So You Think You Can Dance: NC dancer in the Top Ten

Guest blogger Lenni G took a Thanksgiving break. Here's the short version of last week's show. In case you didn't know Sanford's Noelle Marsh is in the top ten.

Top 6 couples did two dances this week and gave the audience and the judges a really great show.

So You Think You Can Dance: Noelle's feet don't fail her

Our guest blogger Lenni G. gives her take on last night's show:

Finally, a happy, almost totally positive, night of dance with host Cat Deeley channeling her inner "Balloon Girl" in dazzling and crinkled aluminum foil.

And our Sanford gal Noelle Marsh had another good night!

So You Think You Can Dance: the Recap

Guest blogger Lenni G shares:

With only 14 dances (not the 17 we've become used to) last night, the evening flew by! Joining
Nigel and Mary as a guest judge was Lil C who was asked by Cat Deeley, "to pontificate on the preferences of the population."

So, joining Lil C, here's my pontification of the evening.

So You Think You Can Dance: The recap

Guest blogger Lenni G spills the 't' on last night's show:

Huge props to Janette and Brandon for last night's performances or, as guest judge, Tyce Diorio, would say (and did) "FanFrigginTastic." Dancing last in the first group of six couples, they did an Angentine Tango that left Nigel speechless. All he could do was stand and applaud as did the rest of the panel and the audience. Mary Murphy found her "temperature rising" and Tyce did the whole analogy thingie about "getting all the juice out" and then said, "You did the whole damn thing." I agree with Nigel that it was a ballroom routine that was as close to perfection as any ballroom routine ever on the show.

So You Think You Can Dance: results show

Guest blogger Lenni G. gives you the scoop:

Nice opening routine tonight from Tyce Diorio - lots of dance gimmicks and tricks.

Cat called Karla and Vitolio and Randi and Evan to the stage. I was really pleased that Randi and Evan were declared safe since they were victims of what I thought was some "iffy" choreography the night before. Karla and Vitolio, both of whom had been in the bottom three
numerous times, were once again in the danger zone.

So You Think You Can Dance: the recap

If it hasn't happened already, I think controversy should be brewing over the horrendous pop jazz choreography Brian Friedman did last night for Caitlyn and Jason. And the premise, wait 'til you hear this - It's about an alien female coming down to earth to impregnate the last human male on earth.


So You Think You Can Dance: The recap

Guest blogger Lenni G catches the rhythm of the night:

Guest judge last night was Toni Basil who, though she dresses like an opera diva, is actually a big expert on street dance.

The theme for the night was for the dancers to tell us what they would be doing if they were not into dancing. So, using their alternative career choices and rating their performances from best to worst, here are my thoughts for the evening.

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