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Taylor & Burton never made a film as bad as 'Liz & Dick'

As I recall Elizabeth Taylor hated being called 'Liz.'

But I bet she didn't hate that as much as she'd hate "Liz & Dick" (9 p.m. Sunday, Lifetime), the TV movie about her love affair with Richard Burton, starring Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler.  

It's not exactly disrespectful using the nickname the actress hated so much. The film makes a big deal about the fact that the couple helped herald the era of stars being hounded by paparazzi with their scandalous affair, and in tabloid culture they were 'Liz & Dick.' (Combining their names a la Brangelina would have been far worse. Try it.)

Yet that paparazzi-bait note is pretty much all the movie has to hang its hat on. It's all shallow replications of Elizabeth Taylor outfits and hairstyles, and Taylor/Burton fights and meltdowns without much insight or energy.

"Wishful Drinking" may be past its expiration date

I'd always heard stories about Carrie Fisher, how she is so very funny and a great writer. So I was interested in watching "Wishful Drinking" (HBO, 9 tonight), a presentation of Fisher's autobiographical one-woman show, which she wrote and performs.

Fisher's fierce intelligence and sense of humor definitely come across in the show. She's an astute observer of people and culture and life's absurdities.

Despite that, I didn't find "Wishful Drinking" entirely successful.

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