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'Dancing with the Stars': Slow steps and counterfeit jive

It's the second week and the dancers will be doing either a quick step or the jive. 
Starting the evening, Hope and Maks did a jive that was long on performance and short on dancing.  Len said it was fast moving though Hope lost her timing a bit.  Bruno said "you lost it a lot and you know it."  Carrie Ann told her to work on relaxing more.  I agree with the judges that her schedule of rehearsing between soccer matches is probably not good.  Judges' scores - 6's from Carrie Ann and Bruno, 7 from Len for a total of 19.
Kristin and Mark were next with a quick step, featuring Kristin as Marilyn Monroe.  Bruno said he was "bedazzled by the blonde bombshell," even though she lost her frame at times.  Carrie Ann found it "stunning, sophisticated, elegant, and just plain gorgeous."  Len thought she looked fantastic but didn't dance as well as she looked.  I agree with Len that it was better than last week's cha cha. Judges' scores - 8 from Carrie Ann, 7's from Len and Bruno for a total of 22.

Dancer Mark Ballas on Bristol haters: "It's a dance show, not a political argument"

Happiness had a chance to talk to "Dancing With the Stars" pro dancer Mark Ballas today. He's coming to town soon as part of "Burn the Floor" at the Progress Energy Center, for a limited engagement starting Nov. 30.

We talked about that show, but we had to ask him some DWTS questions too.  It's elimination night, after all. A few excerpts from our chat:

On people who don't believe his partner Bristol Palin should still be in the competition: "I don't care what people say. I like to be positive, and keep an upbeat attitude. It's a dance show, not a political argument. Bristol is a 19-year-old, plucked out of Alaska. She's the only one on the show who is not an entertainer. She's the most normal person. People watch and say 'You know, if I was on the show, that's how it would be for me.' I've had people come up to me and say 'I'm 100 percent Democrat and I vote for Bristol because she's the most relatable.'

What to Watch on Saturday: Golf, cats, and bear poop

Housecat Housecall (10:30am, Animal Planet) - The episode we wrote about a couple weeks ago with Carrie Ann Inaba from "Dancing with the Stars" airs this morning. Here's our interview with Carrie Ann, in which she talks about her five cats and how Dr. Katrina Warren helped her and her boyfriend solve some of their cat issues.

US Open (4:30pm, NBC) - The third round of play in this major from Pebble Beach starts at 4:30 and goes on about all night. Snooze.

Three Rivers (8pm, CBS) - A female firefighter must decide if she wants to donate part of her lung to her captain, who mistreats her.

Dad's Home (9pm, Hallmark) - David James Elliot plays a single ad exec who loses his job and becomes a stay-at-home dad.

Man vs. Wild (9pm, Discovery) - Bear Grylls (left) recounts his top 25 moments from the show. I hope one his top moments is that time he ate a piece of apple he found in some bear poop.

DWTS's Carrie Ann Inaba gets a cat whisperer

Major cat lover here. So there was no hesitation on my part when Animal Planet asked if I wanted to talk to "Dancing with the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba about her appearance on this seasons "Cat Chow's Housecat Housecall" show.

"Cat Chow's Housecat Housecall" is like "Dog Whisperer," but for cats (I can't believe I've never heard of it before!). For the show, Australian veterinarian Dr. Katrina Warren visits cat owners and helps them correct problematic behavior in their cats. Carrie Ann and her boyfriend have five cats between them, so Dr. Katrina had her work cut out for her.

So, can cats be trained? Or do they train us? Read our Q&A with Carrie Ann (shown here with Dr. Katrina and Shadow) to find out...

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