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How smart are dogs? 'CBS This Morning' reports on Dog Cognition Center at Duke

There was a great segment on "CBS This Morning" today about the Dog Cognition Center at Duke University. Who knew such a thing existed?! Well, it does. And Dr. Brian Hare has studied dog cognition there and determined that dogs are as good as small children at recognizing and understanding human gestures. Hare has co-authored a book about it and they've launched a website where you can learn more about dog smarts (CBS has posted one of their videos).

Here's the segment that aired this morning.

NCSU professor talks changing accents on 'CBS This Morning'

"CBS This Morning" correspondent Mo Rocca visited North Carolina recently to film a report on homogenizing American accents. And no report on American accents is complete without a chat with N.C. State professor Walt Wolfram about the hoi toiders of Ocracoke. Wolfram, a William C. Friday Distinguished University Professor, has been studying dialects for almost than 50 years and has been at N.C. State for the past 20.

"Studying dialects in North Carolina is like dying and coming to dialect heaven," Wolfram told Rocca. "It's incredible. There's no state that has a richer tradition."

Video of Rocca's report is below and includes "CBS This Morning" host and North Carolina native Charlie Rose talking about this own accent.

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