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What to Watch on Thursday: "Boston Med" ends with face transplant

So You Think You Can Dance (8pm, Fox) - The final performances were last night and tonight, a winner is annoucned.

Project Runway (9pm, Lifetime) - Betsey Johnson is the guest judge tonight as designers fashion unconventional garb with a "talent-testing twist."

Boston Med (10pm, ABC) - In tonight's finale, surgeons perform the world's second face transplant on a man who was horribly disfigured in an electrical accident. Meanwhile, the donor of the face comes to terms with losing their loved one, but is grateful someone can benefit from their misfortune.

Jersey Shore (10pm, MTV) - Tonight we go creepin'.

Royal Pains (10pm, USA) - Lottery winners all come down with similar symptoms, which Hank believes can be traced back to their posh lifestyles. Also, engaged Divya is unsettled by her attraction to a documentarian she encounters at a transplant patient's home.

Bethenny Getting Married? (10pm, Bravo) - Last week was the finale but tonight we get some clips from the cutting room floor. Should be a one-liner bonanza.

What to Watch on Thursday: "Bethenny" is the better Bravo choice

Big Brother (8pm, CBS) - It's elimination night on "Big Brother" and also on "So You Think You Can Dance" (9pm, Fox).

Real Housewives of D.C. (9pm, Bravo) - It's the newest set of Bravo housewives and they've already gained notoriety. At least the Salahis have. Here's what Adrienne has to say about the premiere.

Bethenny Getting Married? (10pm, Bravo) - Now this is a Bravo show I can get behind. I even got a little weepy last week watching new dad Jason Hoppy  with his newborn baby girl. What a surprisingly great little series this turned out to be! In tonight's season finale, Alex McCord (RHoNY) throws Bethenny an official baby shower and then the Hoppy family goes away for the weekend, Nanny in tow (but wait, where's the crib?!).

Royal Pains (10pm, USA) - Hank examines Dr. Blair's son, who is reeling from his parents divorce. Evan is still posing as Paige's boyfriend, and when he goes to meet her parents, he discovers he has real feelings for her.

Boston Med (10pm, ABC) - A former firefighter has surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his colon and waits to see if he needs chemotherapy. Also, a 4-year-old girl's life is in danger when it's discovered she suffers from a brain bleed.

Ultimate Merger (10pm, TV One) - Another season finale. Tonight, the remaining men have one last chance to impress Omarosa. Does she find love? 

What to Watch on Thursday: GTL, baby, because "Jersey Shore" is back

Project Runway (9pm, Lifetime) - Season 8 begins and the biggest difference is the shows now last for 90 minutes instead of an hour. Selma Blair is a guest judge. Immediately following this show, check out "On the Road with Austin and Santino," two former PR contestants.

Burn Notice (9pm, USA) - A job protecting a businessman at a house party goes awry, putting Fiona in danger. Michael, Sam, and Jesse have to save her. (Dear Burn Notice, When can you make Jesse go away? Love, WarmTV)

Jersey Shore (10pm, MTV)  - Love 'em or hate 'em, the super-tanned, super-coiffed characters from "Jersey Shore" are back. For the second season, the cast makes like all good New Jerseyans and heads to Florida. The drama heats up in Miami when Ronnie upsets Samantha by flirting with other girls in a club. Just as long as no one punches Snooki...

Boston Med (10pm, ABC) - A baby boy faces an uncertain future after being born with a heart defect, and the situation is complicated when doctors are horrified to discover that a mistake was made during the first attempt at corrective surgery. Uh-oh.

Bethenny Getting Married? (10pm, Bravo) - We get to meet the newest member of the Hoppy family, baby Bryn.

What to Watch on Thursday: Burt Reynolds is a spy and Bethenny is a mom

Burn Notice (9pm, USA) - Michael helps a former spy (Burt Reynolds) who is being targeted by Russian assassins. Read more about the episode here.

So You Think You Can Dance (9pm, Fox) - One of the six dancers is eliminated and there are performances by Enrique Iglesias, the rapper Pitbull, and members of the American Ballet Theatre company.

Rookie Blue (9pm, ABC) - A home invasion at a fashionable address prompts huge police response and ends up revealing secrets of the officers' off-duty lives. 

Bethenny Getting Married? (10pm, Bravo) - Tonight is the night the baby comes! At least we know it's the night Bethenny goes into early labor (early by five weeks), which is quite a shock for her and Jason.

Boston Med (10pm, ABC) - A nurse treats a six-year-old girl who suffered from cardiac arrest, while a surgeon lobbies on behalf of a 55-year-old man in dire need of a heart transplant. 

Royal Pains (10pm, USA) - A local food truck operator starts behaving poorly after finding success and Hank suspects there's a medical reason behind his sudden change. Also, Evan poses as the boyfriend of an heiress, whose actual boyfriend is much older.

What to Watch on Thursday: New "Big Brother" gets moley

Big Brother 12 (8pm, CBS) - The twelfth installment of "Big Brother" begins tonight. The  house guests are introduced and we learn that one of them is a saboteur whose sole mission is to wreak havoc in the house. So it's sort of a "Big Brother" meets "The Mole" this time around. Who will it be?

Rookie Blue (9pm, ABC) - The police department throws a "Fite Night" charity event, and Andy faces a tough decision regarding a domestic violence victim.

Boston Med (10pm, ABC) - A neurosurgeon prepares for a risky surgery removing a cancerous tumor from a man's sinus cavity. Also, a first year surgery resident attempts his first appendectomy and discusses dating prospects with a colleague.

Bethenny's Getting Married? (10pm, Bravo) - This is it: wedding day.

Ace of Cakes (10pm, Food) - Duff builds his tallest cake ever, modeled after an Egyptian pharaoh, but transporting it turns out to be a huge problem.

The Ultimate Merger (10pm, TV One) - Chef G. Garvin helps the bachelors with a cooking challenge, and ends up clashing with one of them. I'm still trying to figure out why any of these men want to date Omarosa to start with.

What to Watch on Thursday: George Wallace helps Omarosa find a mate

100 Questions (8:30pm, NBC) - Charlotte and Wayne compete to see who can be the first to have a one-night-stand. Jill and Leslie help Charlotte score a firefighter, and Mike helps Wayne with an Israeli model (wait - Wayne needs help?). I'm going to miss this little sitcom when NBC cancels it.

Rookie Blue (9pm, ABC) - If this show were a beer, it'd be called "Southland Ultra Lite." Tonight, Andy and her training officer look for an informant whose cover has been blown, while the other rookies are involved in a manhunt for a violent escaped convict.

So You Think You Can Dance (9pm, Fox) - Ne-Yo sings "Beautiful Monster" and there's a performance of "Return to Sender" from Cirque du Soleil's ELVIS.

Ultimate Merger (10pm, TV One) - The remaining men courting Omarosa (left, with Al B. Sure) face a debate challenge, with comedian George Wallace as judge. TV One is channel 330 on Time Warner Cable.

Boston Med (10pm, Fox) - In the second installment of this compelling docu-series, a soldier is reunited with his family for the first time since the birth of his son, who is born with a heart defect requiring surgery. Also, a nurse copes with unruly behavior in the ER.

Bethenny Getting Married? (10pm, Bravo) - The wedding draws closer and Bethenny is still extremely stressed out. Jason doesn't want to help with the planning, Alex McCord from "Real Housewives" throws Bethenny a shower, and Bethenny attends her rehearsal brunch.

What to Watch on Thursday: ABC debuts "Rookie Blue," "Boston Med"

100 Questions (8:30pm, NBC) - Charlotte recalls how she met Wayne, Wayne confides to the group that his father has cut him off, and Leslie learns that her ex is remarrying.

Rookie Blue (9pm, ABC) - A new summer pilot that follows five first-year police officers. In this first episode, Andy (Missy Peregrym, left) makes a rookie mistake botching an undercover drug sting, then tries to redeem herself with heroics while facing a gunman. Also stars Charlotte Sullivan, Enuka Okuma, Gregory Smith, and Travis Milne.

Burn Notice (9pm, USA) - Michael and Sam become entangled in a hostage standoff in a bank, while Fi helps Jesse get information on a weapons runner.

Bethenny Getting Married? (10pm, Bravo) - Bethenny and Jason go to Atlantic City for bachelor/bachelorette parties, but the stress of everything gets to Bethenny and she has a breakdown. Not a "Kelly breakdown," just a regular person breakdown. Speaking of Krazy Kelly, "Real Housewives of NY" has unseen footage at 9pm.

Boston Med (10pm, ABC) - An eight-part documentary series (along the lines of last year's "Hopkins 24/7" series) about the staff and patients at three Boston Hospitals. Tonight, an ER resident struggles with confidence issues and a surgeon operates on a police officer who was shot in the face during an attempted robbery.

Futurama (10pm, Comedy Central) - Matt Groening's animated series is resurrected for 26 new episodes on Comedy Central. Read more about the new episodes and watch a 7-minute recap of the past five seasons.

A chat with our favorite Real Housewife of New York



It took a while, but I finally managed to wrangle an interview out of Bethenny Frankel, the smartest and least neurotic of "The Real Housewives of New York."

The hold up? An exercise DVD, planning a wedding, honeymooning, labor, a baby girl

But she finally had to come out and talk. There's a new show to promote, "Bethenny Getting Married?" and baby needs new shoes!

Read my (email) chat with Ms. Frankel here

What to Watch on Thursday: Chris Rock and Adam Sandler join Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night (8pm, ABC) - Kimmel's NBA playoff pre-game special features Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, and Rob Schneider (from the new movie "Grown Ups"). Game 4 begins at 9pm.

Country Music Television Awards (9pm, CMT) - I missed promoting this yesterday (the Awards show ran last night). But if you also missed it, there's a repeat tonight. Kid Rock hosted and Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, and Toby Keith all performed.

Burn Notice (9pm, USA) - Last week Michael inadvertently burned another spy. This week, he helps that spy, who is being pursued by a drug trafficker with a grudge. 

So You Think You Can Dance (9pm, Fox) - The top ten dancers are introduced.  

Real Housewives of New York City (9pm, Bravo) - Part one of a two part reunion show. Only watch this if you enjoy seeing grown women scream at each other. 

Bethenny Getting Married (10pm, Bravo) - Bethenny Frankel, the most reasonable New York housewife gets her own show. Adrienne says it's a welcome break from the craziness.

"Bethenny Getting Married?": A break from the craziness

With her sharp wit and common sense observations, Bethenny Frankel is an obvious choice to break out of "The Real Housewives of New York" and get her own reality show.

And "Bethenny Getting Married?" (Bravo, 10 tonight) comes at the
right time. RHONY has been kind of painful to watch this season, with Jill and Bethenny falling out and Kelly falling apart.

"Bethenny Getting Married?" is a nice reprieve; the drama here is of the normal type.

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