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Final season of 'Luther' airs in its entirety this week

The third and final season of "Luther" debuts -- and ends -- this week on BBC America.

There are only four episodes of "Luther" in this last installment, and the episodes will air at 10 p.m. on BBC America, Tuesday through Friday. (Correction: Wednesday night's episode will air at 9 to accommodate the 10 p.m. airing of "Broadchurch.")

"Luther" stars Idris Elba as a troubled (understatement of the century!) London detective assigned to investigate some of the foulest crimes in the city. Elba won a Golden Globe for his acting on the show in 2012.

"Luther" is dark, but superb. If you're interested in catching up (seasons are short: Season 1 had six episodes and Season 2 had four) the earlier seasons are streaming on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Giveaway: Three new 'Doctor Who' novels

It doesn't seem possible, but the sci-fi franchise "Doctor Who" has been around for fifty years -- and it has never been more popular.

There's some big "Doctor Who" stuff going on in the next few days: The second half of the current Matt Smith-helmed (for now) series returns to BBC America on March 30 with brand new episodes. Then, on April 2, the three "Doctor Who" novels you see pictured here -- "Shroud of Sorrow," "The Dalek Generation" and "Plague of the Cybermen" -- are released.

We can't give away Matt Smith (even though this is rumored to be his last run as the Doctor), but we can give you those books.

If you're interested, send me an email by midnight on Monday, April 1, and include your mailing address. The winner will be picked randomly and notified on Tuesday.

Good luck!

A slow start, but "Copper" has some promise

After my stint screening the post-Civil War brutality depicted in "Hatfields and McCoys," I was a little nervous about watching "Copper" (10 pm, Sunday, BBC America), a crime series set in 1860s New York City.

Thankfully, while it doesn't dodge the violence, brutality or griminess of the era, the depiction isn't graphic. It is, however, ambitious (maybe overly so) and a bit slow moving.

"Copper" is the story of Det. Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones), an Irish-American cop working in the Five Points neighborhood, the same area depicted in "Gangs of New York." (And the same issues.) Corcoran is a tortured fella, in part, because his wife has disappeared and his daughter was murdered.

What to Watch on Saturday: Weird Al and the ghosts of Bedlam

Weird Al Yankovic Live - The Alpocalypse Tour (9pm, Comedy Central) - Weird Al Yankovic performs songs from his 2011 album "Alpocalypse," including "Perform This Way," and familiar favorites such as "Fat" and "Amish Paradise." Filmed in Toronto at Massey Hall in July.

Storm Chasers Greatest Storms (9pm, Discovery) - Highlights from the 2010 tornado season are featured.

Love's Everlasting Courage (9pm, Hallmark) - Continuing from the "Love Begins" movie, farmer Clark Davis (Wes Brown) struggles to repay a loan and save his land during a drought. To make matters worse, his wife (Julie Mond) becomes gravely ill after agreeing to take a job to bring in more income.

Home by Novogratz (9:30pm, HGTV) - The Novogratz duo upgrade a living-dining room in a luxury apartment for two bachelors. They get bright blue paint, unique art pieces, vintage and modern furniture, and a bar.

Bedlam (10pm, BBC America) - Residents of Bedlam Heights apartments are haunted by ghosts, one of whom threatens a woman who lives and works there. In this series opener, the woman is visited by her adopted cousin who reportedly can see ghosts and glimpses of past events.

Saturday Night Live (11:29pm, NBC) - Recent Emmy-winner Melissa McCarthy hosts. Lady Antebellum is the musical guest.

BBC America begins 'Battlestar Galactica' repeats today

If your pop culture knowledge has a big gap in the shape of 'Battlestar Galactica,' you can join me today in watching the repeats on BBC America.

The network has acquired the complete run of the series and it all begins today. All reports I've read say the series starts at 7 p.m., but there's a two-hour 5 p.m. episode that various BSG geeks tell me we should also catch. So I'm taping all four hours tonight. Join me!

I have heard such amazing things about this series, I hope my expectations aren't set too high.

"Being Human" isn't all new, but it isn't old hat

It sounds like one of those old jokes: A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost move into a house...

But it's no joke, it's the premise of "Being Human" (Syfy, 9 tonight), a not original, but still likable series about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living together.

Based on a British series (that's supposed to pop up on BBC America later this year, making for awkward comparisons), "Being Human" is set in Boston, where the pasty vampire Aiden (Sam Witwer) and werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) work at a hospital and struggle to fight their monstrous impulses. For Aiden, that makes drinking blood from the blood bank; for Josh, it means going deep into the woods when the full moon rises so, perhaps, only a random deer will get savaged.

What to Watch on Wednesday: ABC goes for spooky laughs

The Middle/Better With You/Modern Family/Cougar Town (8pm, ABC) - ABC comedies all have special Halloween episodes tonight. On "The Middle," Frankie and Mike are invited to an adult Halloween party in the neighborhood. On "Better With You" (just picked up for a full season) Maddie is upset that her birthday, which falls on Halloween, is always overshadowed, so Mia and Casey offter to throw her a party. On "Modern Family," Claire's elaborate Halloween plans (evidence at lef) depend on the rest of the family's help with trick-or-treaters, and the holiday conjures up terrible memories for Cameron. On "Cougar Town," Jules reluctantly dons a costume for Halloween when her father (Ken Jenkins, "Scrubs") comes to visit on his favorite holiday.

Undercovers (8pm, NBC) - This show falls under the "watch it while you can" category -- most are expecting it get axed any day now. But for now, you can watch the Blooms try to recover a  painting that's hiding a formula for a biological weapon. Or not.

Criminal Minds (9pm, CBS) - In an especially creepy episode, the team travels to Detroit to catch a killer who, for the past three years, strikes on "Devil's Night," the city's pre-Halloween celebration.

I'd Do Anything (9pm, BBC America) - The premiere of a new series in which hundreds of aspiring stage actors attend open casting calls in London for the lead roles in Andrew Lloyd Webber's West End revival of "Oliver!"

Harry Loves Lisa (10pm, TV Land) - Harry gets some help from Ed Begley Jr. with a a rodent problem, but his preoccupation with the infestation begins to overshadow his upcoming 13th wedding anniversary with Lisa.

Daily Show with Jon Stewart (11pm, Comedy Central) - Stewart is doing his show from DC this week, and tonight's guest is President Barack Obama.

"Luther": A tortured cop and a haunting series

By its barest description, "Luther" (BBC America, 10 p.m. Sundays) sounds like you've seen it a thousand times.

It's about a troubled brilliant cop (played by Idris Elba aka Stringer Bell on "The Wire") whose questionable tactics give him the right results with murky morality. But "Luther" offers so much more than that description. This is an intense, complex, creepy ride.

When we meet John Luther, he's chasing a man who has killed several children. He's got him cornered, and in forcing him to give the location of his latest victim, Luther makes a choice that provides the subtext for nearly everything that happens in the six-part series. (I've seen three and I already want more than six.)

What to Watch on Saturday: Which is better, dog or cat?

My Boys marathon (12:30pm, TBS) - In advance of the Season 4 premiere (tomorrow night), TBS is showing a marathon of the best episodes of their original comedy series, "My Boys." Today's 3-hour marathon features some of the best episodes of Season 3.

Dogs vs. Cats (8pm, Animal Planet) - A debate as old as time itself: which species is better, dogs or cats? I know where I come down (meow). I'm betting in the end they won't actually pick a side, but should be a fun show.

Persons Unknown (8pm, NBC) - Joe confesses to Janet what he knows about the kidnappers, then Blackham and Erika make a plan to use Joe in an escape attempt.

Being Human (10pm, BBC America) - Season 2 opens with the vampire society in complete disarray after Herrick's death, and George feels like a changed man after killing him. That is, until he discovers a horrible truth about Nina.

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