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So You Think You Can Dance finale: A dream comes true for the right person

Guest blogger Lenni G. wraps up another season:

Yes child, Debbie Allen, THE DEBBIE ALLEN, picked the Sean Cheeseman "Frog Dance" done by our home girl, Sanford's Noelle Marsh, dancing with Russell, as one of the best routines of the season.

And Lil C selected Tyce Diorio's group contemporary number, which included our other homey Ariana DeBose, who lives in Wake Forest, as one of his favs.

Sanford's SYTYCD contestant is feeling the love




It was a good week for Sanford's Noelle Marsh.

The "So You Think You Can Dance" contestant won raves for her Afro-jazz number, and sailed through to the next round.

It was a nice change from her shaky start.

It began with an injury that almost put her out of the competition and then a hip-hop number that the judges very much disliked.


NC dancer is out, but not down




Don't feel sorry for Ariana Debose.

The 18-year-old contemporary dancer from New Bern (but now living in Wake Forest), isn't crying about her elimination last night from "So You Think You Can Dance."

In fact, she seems to have the whole thing in proper prospective.

"It's one TV show, it's not the be all, end all," she says in a phone chat. "I'm confident in my dancing."

So You Think You Can Dance: NC contestants' bad night

Our guest blogger Lenni G. is back, reporting on the dance and the drama:

If last night is any indication, this is going to be a weird season.

First, we found out yesterday morning that Billy Bell, one of the best dancers, is out - we don't find out what's wrong with him, just that, "His doctor won't allow him to continue."

So the show brings in hip hop guy, Brandon to replace contemporary Billy - not exactly an even, or really fair, replacement.

Next, shortly after the show starts we see Noelle Marsh (our Sanford girl) with a huge brace on her knee - Nigel announces that they are not sure whether she will be able to continue but they are giving her a week to find out.

Local dancers make the cut on "So You Think You Can Dance"

Two local dancers did well enough in their auditions for "So You Think You Can Dance" that they have each made the top 20 and are set to compete on the show starting tonight.

Tonight's show will introduce the season's dancers and pair up the men with the women.

Ariana Debose, who is originally from New Bern but currently lives in Wake Forest, and Noelle Marsh from Sanford, are both contemporary dancers but have been trained in all styles of dance.

They both trained at CC & Co Dance Complex in Raleigh and have competed nationally.

Tonight's show will showcase each dancer in their own style, and the real competition begins tomorrow night in a two-hour show beginning at 8pm. 

Click below for more about Noelle and Ariana.

Two local dancers to perform on "So You Think You Can Dance"

Two local dancers have advanced to the Las Vegas round of Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance," and will perform on tonight's show.

Ariana Debose and Noelle Marsh, both from the CC & Co. Dance Complex in Raleigh, did well enough in their auditions to earn a spot on the Vegas show. Friends, fans, and supporters are planning to meet at Rudino's in North Raleigh tonight for a viewing party.  

The show airs on Fox 50 tonight at 8pm. 


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