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Holiday giveaway: A couple of History Channel treasures

Today's giveaway should appeal to all you pack rats out there. I mean, collectors.

We've got two great History Channel shows about buying, collecting and selling stuff: Volume 5 of "Pawn Stars" and Volume 4 of "American Pickers" (a strangely addictive show). 

History Channel packages these as volumes, not seasons, so I'm not sure exactly what's included here. But I do know each two-disc set has at least five and a half hours of programming. The "Pawn Stars" volume says it includes episodes from Seasons 3 and 4. The "American Pickers" volume doesn't specify. But I'm sure it's all great. I love those guys.

If you're interested, send me an email by midnight tonight. Include your name and mailing address. The winner will be notified on Thursday.

What to Watch on Monday: 'Bunheads' and tough talk on 'Bachelorette'

The Bachelorette (8pm, ABC) - Charlotte's Emily Maynard (at left with race car driver Arie) and her 10 remaining suitors visit London, where one-on-one dates include a double-decker bus tour and an etiquette lesson. There's also some controversy over one man's comments about Emily's daughter. This has to be the part where some guy (I'm guessing jackbutt Kalon) refers to Ricki as "baggage."

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (8pm, ABC Family) - In the Season 5 premiere, Amy and Ricky run off as they contemplate eloping, and George is the only person aware of their secret.

Bunheads (9pm, ABC Family) - In the opener of a new series from the creator of "Gilmore Girls," a rejected Las Vegas showgirl impulsively marries a man she barely knows and moves to his small town, where she mentors students at his eccentric mother's dance school. Here's my full review.

Hurricane Hunters (9pm, The Weather Channel) - In the first episode of a new original series from TWC, hurricane hunters from the Air Force's 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron in Mississippi fly into the eye of Hurricane Irene. Here's a little more on "Hurricane Hunters."

American Pickers (9pm, History) - The show is back in North Carolina again this week, where the guys find a collection of enormous steam engines.

Teen Wolf (10pm, MTV) - Scott tries to keep Derek from creating new werewolves while a slithery new creature in town takes another victim (Does this new creature remind anyone else of the "graveling" creatures on Showtime's "Dead Like Me" series? Anyone else even watch Showtime's "Dead Like Me" series?).

What to Watch on Monday: 'MasterChef' and 'Teen Wolf' return

The Bachelorette (8pm, ABC) - Emily and her 13 remaining suitors visit Bermuda. There's a dreaded two-on-one date, after which someone will go home. At the end of the night, 10 men will remain.

Hell's Kitchen (8pm, Fox) - Eighteen contestants sign on for Season 10. In tonight's part one of the two-party premiere, the cooks are split into two teams and prepare signature dishes they hope Gordon Ramsay doesn't spit into the garbage.

Teen Wolf (9pm, MTV) - Technically, the second season premiere aired last night at 11 after the MTV Movie awards, but that episode repeats tonight at 9 and then the show moves into its regular 10 p.m. time slot. In the first episode, Lydia goes missing from the hospital and both werewolves and hunters try to find her. In the second episode, there's trouble for Isaac's father on the night before the full moon. I'm so happy this is back!

MasterChef (9pm, Fox) - I usually love this series because it gives true amateur cooks a shot at the big time, but the Season 3 premiere episode left me a bit cold. The shtick of judges Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Eliot has become predictable, and many of the contestants are just too ridiculous to take seriously. Do we really need the bizarro "American Idol"-style audition moments?? But beneath the silliness, there are still some great stories here and a few cooks I'm already cheering hard for. A blind chef. A blind chef!

American Pickers (9pm, History) - A trip to North Carolina includes brass-era car parts, folk art, and a collection of Indian motorbikes and accessories.

Lost Girl (10pm, Syfy) - Bo investigates a murderer's escape from prison by going undercover at a strip club.

What to Watch on Monday: Scotty McCreery guest stars on 'Hart of Dixie'

Hart of Dixie (9pm, CW) - Scotty McCreery makes an appearance on tonight's episode, but there's no acting involved -- he'll be playing himself. The "American Idol" winner from Garner will perform his hit "The Trouble With Girls" during a romantic scene in a bar featuring Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and George (Scott Porter). Raleigh's Tift Merritt had a similar gig on "Hart of Dixie" back in February. Tift sang "Sweet Spot" at the town's annual Valentine's dance. Click below to see another picture of Scotty from the "Hart of Dixie" set.

Bones (8pm, Fox) - Booth's son Parker comes home from England, and Brennan wonders how he'll react to his new baby sister. Meanwhile, the discovery of a truck-company employee's corpse in the woods prompts a visit to the victim's son's karate class.

American Pickers (9pm, History) - Mike searches for the legendary XAVW motorbike in North Carolina, and Frank gambles on a collection of Indian artifacts. Also in this episode, architectural salvage and a military artifact.

20/20: Dance Floor Confidential (10pm, ABC) - ABC squeezes another hour of programming from their "Dances with the Stars" franchise by having 20/20 go "behind the scenes."

Smash (10pm, NBC) - Karen finds Rebecca's charmed life very enticing, but Derek finds Rebecca to be exasperating. Meanwhile, Eileen has her ex-husband meet her hunky new boyfriend, and Julia's son goes missing (First thought: "Hooray!" Second thought: "I hope Ellis is with him!"). 

What to Watch on Monday: Hoops championship, 'Harry's Law' finale

NCAA Tournament Championship (9pm, CBS) - The National Champion will be crowned tonight.

Relapse (9pm, A&E) - Yet another A&E reality show about people battling addictions. In this one, sober coaches help prevent high-risk addicts from relapsing. See our review here.

Being Human (US) (9pm, Syfy) - Sally copes with the aftermath of her exorcism.

American Pickers (9pm, History) - A California salvage yard that's been in the family for generations is discovered. In the spotlight tonight, a brass diving helmeet and a rare car hood ornament.

Nurse Jackie (10pm, Showtime) - Dr. O'Hara's anger at Jackie drives her to look for a new job, and Akalitus launches a campaign to bring first lady Michelle Obama to the hospital.

Harry's Law (10pm, NBC) - In the first season finale, Harry (Katy Bates) defends Josh Peyton when he's charged with assault after suffering a mental breakdown. Also, Adam and Rachel defend a death-row inmate, but the case is jeopardized by a clerical error. It's likely this show will get picked up for a second season.

Castle (10pm, ABC) - Castle and Beckett investigate the death of a reporter found in a pizzeria's oven. His murder may be connected to an expose he wrote called "The Pizza Wars."

All About Aubrey (10pm, Oxygen) - Russell Simmons offers a frustrated Aubrey advice about her love life.

What to Watch on Monday: "Mad Love" on Valentine's Day

The Bachelor (8pm, ABC) - Brad and the six remaining women visit Anguilla. One woman is asked to leave during a date, and Brad quickly makes up his mind about another and cancels the customary cocktail party. This is the date where he asks Emily Maynard of Charlotte if he can meet her daughter, and according to previews, maybe doesn't get the answer he wants. Will she go home tonight?

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (8pm, USA) - Opening night coverage of the 135th annual dog show, featuring the hound, toy, non-sporting, and herding group competitions. Live from Madison Square Garden.

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - Chuck orchestrates Sarah's reunion with her former spy team, the C.A.T squad. The feline-quick team then try to take down their thuggish nemesis (Lou Diamond Phillips), but simmering resentments and past secrets soon surface.

Mad Love (8:30pm, CBS) - A promising new sitcom about four New Yorkers on their quests to find love. In the opener, sparks fly between two of them (Jason Biggs, Sarah Chalke, left) during a chance encounter atop the Empire State Building, and they make a double date with their respective best friends, who claim to hate each other. It's similar to "How I Met Your Mother," which airs just before at 8pm (it even has a narrator). Definitely worth checking out.

The Chicago Code (9pm, Fox) - The police seek revenge against a cop killer. Gibbons pays his respects to the fallen officer's family but has an ulterior motive for his visit. Also, Vonda and Isaac join the organized crime division.

American Pickers (9pm, History) - The men visit William Shatner, who wants them to find unique items for his Kentucky home.

Castle (10pm, ABC) - Castle's old school chum is accused of murdering his wife, and Castle and Beckett bicker over whether or not the man is guilty.

What to Watch on Monday: History Channel picks North Carolina

Bachelorette (8pm, ABC) - Mentioning this because last week's preview indicates that Kasey goes a little wacko. Could be crafty editing from ABC, or maybe Kasey really is as weird as that vibe he's been giving off.

American Pickers (9pm, History) - This is a History Channel series about two guys, Mike and Frank, who scour the nation's junkyards in search of lost treasures. For tonight's episode, they are right here in North Carolina. Mike and Frank explore old school buses and a burned down storage house, and discover a strange item they've never seen before. They place bets on what it is and then get surprised by what an appraiser says about it. Later, Frank goes a little nuts when he finds a gold mine of old signs on a 20-acre farm. Their "picking" inspires a mother/daughter team who start foraging through their grandfather's old storage sheds. 

Good Guys (9pm, Fox) - Dan and Jack start off looking into a damaged vending machine at a high-end hotel and end up investigating a prostitution ring and a grisly murder.

For Neda (9pm, HBO) - A documentary about Neda Agha-Soltan, who became another tragic casualty of Iran’s recent post-election protests on June 20, 2009. Unlike many unknown victims, however, she instantly became an international symbol of the struggle: Within hours of Agha-Soltan’s death, cell phone photographs of her blood-stained face were held aloft by crowds protesting in Tehran and across the world. With exclusive access to her family inside Iran, the documentary goes to the heart of who Neda was and what she stood for, illuminating the larger Iranian struggle for democratic freedoms through her powerful story. Directed by Antony Thomas.

Persons Unknown (10pm, NBC) - A group of  irritating strangers are abducted and wake up in a weird hotel in a deserted town. They've all been implanted with drug-dispensing microchips and are under constant video surveillance. At the end of last week's premiere, one of the captives received a fortune cookie telling her if she kills her neighbor, she can go free. Will she do it?

Dance Your Ass Off (10pm, Oxygen) - The 12 contestants meet their personal trainer and nutritionist and then pair up for a dance challenge.

All Worked Up (10pm, truTV) - The reality show featuring the folks from Lizard Lick Towing is back.

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