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The Amazing Race: Slow and steady wins the Race

We've got two hours to finish "Unfinished Business" and the last four teams standing are all worthy.

First a glimpse at the past bad endings for the teams: For Team Aspie, it was the lost passport. For the sistah sisters, it was the need to pee. For the Globetrotters, it was a penalty. And the father & daughter failed despite prayer.

The Globetrotters leave the Matterhorn first, heading for the warmer climes of Rio. From there they are to take a tram to some famous steps and find a tile that looks like a route marker. They want to make it past this 11th leg because that's where they fell short last time.

The Amazing Race: Absolutely, positively the way it should be

Folks who know nothing else about India and nothing else about Buddhism still invoke the notion of karma.

The Globetrotters may only understood it on the "My Name Is Earl" level, but karma certainly seemed their friend.

We're down to five teams at the Matterhorn. Team Aspie leaves first. They head to a heliport where they will be assigned flights in five-minute intervals and get the clue for a secret location.

The Amazing Race: Pooped out or Goth gone wild

When we last saw the Race, we watched the deaf Racer become unhinged over some tea.

This week, I believe we are witnessing the slow breakdown of the girl Goth. Boy Goth noticed it too.

We begin with a peek into the Snapple-sponsored Indian meal for the father & Miss Kentucky daughter, who won the last leg. They then got to be first to leave for Varanasi or at least head to the airport to get there. When there, they were to head to a tonga stand for the next clue.

Miss Kentucky daughter says they want to be the first father/daughter team to win the Race, as if that's some kind of real cultural milestone. But I suppose if you didn't get Miss America, you've got to adjust your dreams.

The Amazing Race: Unsweetened tea and papaya mango tears

It's funny how on the Race, the simplest tasks can cause the most trouble. Sure, there's the exhaustion factor.

But who would think tea would bring someone to their knees?

We're in China and we're down to eight teams. The cowboys, who won the last leg, leave first. The clue sends them to a tea shop where they are to participate in a traditional tea tasting, get a brick of tea and then the clue. Phil tells us that the tea the teams drink will appear in another leg of the Race.

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