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The Amazing Race: Dude, where's my cab?

In truth, it was a smart move, not nice, but what the gay brothers did to the Americas was in the realm of gamesmanship rather than villainy.

But those brothers are just so annoying, aren't they?

The Amazing Race: Getting a rise out of the brothers

That's a double double entrendre.

Because you can take that headline to refer to the emotion that the Globetrotters drew from Sam & Dan, the gay brothers.

Now if I had put: The brothers let it all hang out, well, that would be different.

The Amazing Race: Another roll in the hay

Most times, you could call the Race fun or crazy or exhausting or wacky.

But last night the Race was cruel.

Because that flag-in-the-hay-bale challenge is the kind of punishment they give to kids sent to prison camps.

The Amazing Race: Passports to nowhere

Well, we already knew from CBS promos that a team was going to lose its passports.

And then subsequent promos even revealed which team it was. So I guess the suspense was finding out what happened after that.

I was definitely bummed.

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