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Meet the hero who plays a hero on "All My Children"

I'm not a regular viewer of "All My Children," but while channel surfing, I've seen J.R. Martinez, who plays Brot Monroe, a war vet turned police officer, who is visibly scarred.

At first, I thought the scars were makeup, but after it became clear there were truly his, I wondered about his back story.

Here's a nice profile from the Los Angeles Times. Sounds like a great guy.

Own some of the images in the "All My Children" archives

Remember when Erica Kane and her first husband Tom Cudahy went on their honeymoon in St. Croix? Or when Hayley Vaughan (Kelly Ripa) arrived in Pine Valley dressed like a punk rocker with black hair?

Then you must be a fan of "All My Children," and this might excite you. In honor of the show's 40th anniversary, the producers are opening up the photo archives and making them available for purchase starting today. The gallery has about 40 cast images from every year of the series since it premiered in 1970.

There's more: if you just love Erica, Susan Lucci has signed a limited number of photos of her character from her first month playing the role. If you buy one, you'll get a certificate of authenticity. I have to say, looking at the "then" and "now," 40 years have been good to La Lucci!

Go to for sizes and prices.

ABC to air last two "Better Off Ted" episodes. Maybe.

The sitcom "Better Off Ted," which is funnier than most of the sitcoms out there now, never got much respect from ABC. The promotion was light, the scheduling often seemed random, and then it was abruptly canceled before its season ended. The last two episodes, which were already completed, were never shown ("Pushing Daisies," anyone??).

Even now that the fall schedule is over, ABC would rather double-up on reruns of "The Middle" on Wednesday nights than let us see those last two "Ted" episodes.

Now there may be a way to see them....

Disney axes SoapNet channel

The Disney Corporation, which owns ABC, announced today that they are killing their SoapNet channel and replacing it with a channel for youngsters.

SoapNet airs reruns of ABC soaps and dramas like "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Gilmore Girls," and also a relatively popular original scripted series called "Being Erica," which was just renewed for a third season.

SoapNet will be replaced with Disney Junior, a network featuring 24-hour programming for kids aged 2-7.

Disney said when SoapNet was launched it was to provide soaps on a time-shift so that people could watch them at night, but DVRs have made such viewing much easier.

The change will take place January of 2012.  

Lost finale recap - The End, part 3

The last installment of Luci's 3-part "Lost" finale recap (read  part 2):


A taxi arrives at a church. It's Real Locke in WITPDCAR. He gets into his wheelchair. He sees Ben outside. Ben apologizes for everything. "I was selfish. Jealous. You were special, John. And I wasn't." "Ben, if it helps, I forgive you." Ben chooses to stay outside even though everyone else is inside. (A self-imposed penance perhaps?) Ben tells Locke he doesn't need the wheelchair anymore and Locke walks into the church on his own two legs.

Lost finale recap - The End, part 2

More from Luci Chavez on last night's "Lost" finale (read part 1 of recap here):

Juliet, Claire and David (Dylan Minnette) are walking into he concert in WITPDCAR. Juliet has to go back to the hospital, I presume. Charlie is passed out in the green room until the lovely Charlotte wakes him. "I got shot by a fat man." Daniel Farraday/Widmore (Jeremy Davies) is in the green room, too. He and Charlotte meet.

Outside, David and Claire sit at Table 23 with Desmond and Kate. (The producers think they're so cute.) Dr. Chang is emceeing the event. It is his museum after all. Daniel Widmore is going to jam with Drive Shaft while playing classical piano. Highly unlikely in real life because, in my mind, Drive Shaft is basically Oasis but I don't even care because there is Charlie with his bass looking just shy of sober! Yeah!!!!

Lost finale recap - The End, part 1

Our "Lost" recapper Luci Chavez on last night's finale. Luci will be
hosting a live chat on the finale today at the News & Observer site
at noon. Please join her! 

I have bogarted other people's DVR's to watch Lost. I have stayed up until 3-4 a.m. after late Duke basketball games to watch Lost.

I have vigilantly avoided nearly all internet speculation about Lost for the past three years. I've put friends under radio silence so as to avoid spoiling one second of the best TV show ever.

Consider what a TV show needs to do to inspire that kind of devotion and
emotion every week.

Now multiply it by 150.

The payoff came Sunday night while watching the 2 1/2-hour series

The series finale of Lost was grand and epic yet achingly intimate and personal. While Lindelcuse stayed true to the show's "what the hell was that" roots with an ending left open to interpretation, it satisfied me emotionally in every way.

Lost recap 6.16 - "What They Died For"

Our "Lost" blogger Luci Chavez on last night's episode. If you want to email her and commiserate, go for it.

There is a candidate. And as much as I want to scream and rail, now knowing who it is, I cannot. We knew it all along.

Sunday cannot come soon enough. I am not sure how much more of this my TV heart can take.


A look at ABC's fall schedule

ABC has announced their plan for fall, and here's what we have:

Monday nights have been golden for ABC, so they'll stay the same. You'll get "Dancing with the Stars" and "Castle."

Tuesdays start with a new drama called "No Ordinary Family." It's about a vacationing family whose plane crashes in the Amazon jungle and they discover they have super powers (Plane crash, jungle, super powers. Sound familiar?). It stars Michael Chiklis of "The Shield" and Julie Benz of "Dexter." After that you have DWTS results show and then "Detroit 1-8-7," a cop show starring Michael Imperioli ("The Sopranos," "Life on Mars"). Not sure I'd have sandwiched two macho action shows around "Dancing with the Stars," but I'm not a genius TV exec.

Canceled: ABC ends "Scrubs," "FlashForward," and others

ABC is tossing some shows onto the trash heap today, too. "Scrubs" is toast and so is the new high-concept serial drama, "FlashForward."

"Scrubs" was canceled by NBC in 2008 and picked up by ABC in January 2009 for another chance.  But without its star, Zach Braff, it just couldn't pull numbers. "FlashForward" struggled in ratings after a strong debut. That show's series finale will air May 27. Since the writers weren't warned about the cancellation, don't expect much closure to the big "blackout" mystery.

Allysa Milano's weak new sitcom, "Romantically Challenged," will also not be returning. And as we have suspected for awhile now, the network has had it with the only true gem in this bunch, "Better Off Ted." Now that was a funny show. But in its Tuesday night timeslot it eventually choked to death on the fumes of a rotting, unfunny dinosaur (that would be "Scrubs"). "Ted" would have thrived on Wednesday nights...

On a positive side, ABC has renewed the rebooted Alien drama, "V." 

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