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Where things stand, July 31

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How the Carolina Hurricanes’ salary picture stacks up as of Thursday:

Eric Staal, $5 million
Rod Brind’Amour, $4 million
Ray Whitney, $3.55 million
Justin Williams, $3.5 million
Matt Cullen, $2.8 million
Scott Walker, $2.5 million
Sergei Samsonov, $2.3 million
Tuomo Ruutu, $2.25 million
Patrick Eaves, $1.1 million
Chad LaRose, $875,000
Brandon Sutter, $875,000
Ryan Bayda, $475,000
Wade Brookbank, $475,000

Joni Pitkanen, $3.5 million
Joe Corvo, $2.75 million
Frantisek Kaberle, $2.2 million
Tim Gleason, $2 million
Niclas Wallin, $1.725 million
Dennis Seidenberg, $1.2 million
Josef Melichar, $1 million
Anton Babchuk, $1 million
x-David Tanabe, $900,000

Cam Ward, $2.5 million
Michael Leighton, $600,000

Jeff Hamilton, $533,000

$49.6 million for 25 players (including Hamilton and Tanabe), with a charge of about $51 million against the $56.7 million cap. Carolina's budget has been set at $45 million. Minus Hamilton and Tanabe, the Hurricanes are at about $48.2 million.

Glen Wesley, D.

x-Hurricanes have initiated buyout proceedings with Tanabe and would be responsible for two-thirds of his salary this season if successful. The NHLPA has filed a grievance in the matter.


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How much difference is there

How much difference is there between LaRose getting paid $875K to play hockey and Will Smith getting $20 million to make a movie? And the actors are going to strike? Professional sports is part of the entertainment industry. Look at the salaries in that context rather than what the median income in North Carolina was. How much do the actors filming One Tree Hill in Wilmington make? That should be the point of comparison.

How much difference...

Oh please...  wages are based on what the market will bear.  Will Smith will reach millions with his work; I hardly think millions are tuning in to watch Chad LaRose play hockey. 

He is paid fairly based on the sport he is in and what the current market conditions are for that sport.  It's his choice to play hockey or not -- nobody's holding a gun to his head telling him he has to play.  Let him go and try to be the next Will Smith.

What a player earns is based on both his past performance and his potential.  LaRose has 55 points in 208 NHL games; hardly a prolific scorer.   Yes, he does bring intangibles to the game -- his energy level, for one -- that's a large part of the reason he's even making $875K this year. 

 Bottom line is that he's well and fairly paid for the role he performs for the Hurricanes.

paid enough

I think Larose is paid well for what he does. He is a 4th line player who can fill in and move up if needed but his capability falls as he moves up to other lines. No way should any 4th liner make $1.5Mplus. I like Rosie and I like his heart and I like his 150% effort but he is not a Staal or Brindy or Williams. But he does have a very good place on this team with something to offer.

On the salary, I really hope they get back to $45M or at least where they are minus $2.2M (not because of the player but for the money). A strong org is one that knows their budget and sticks to it !!!!!!

And BTW, LaRose will earn

And BTW, LaRose will earn more (in base salary) this year than Sidney Crosby did last year, but yeah, LaRose's wages are a travesty.

I don't know...

I would hardly call 40 points a season for a d-man "unproven," while he also has held a decent +/- with a +7 lifetime in the nhl. part of his salary just shows the rising cost of players in the league and more specifically d-men.

Oh for heaven's sake, are

Oh for heaven's sake, are you going to tell us in every single, freakin' post that you're an old-time hockey fan and what do you know anyway? Maybe you can come up with a brief acronym for that so we don't have to read it every time.

As for LaRose, he's getting paid plenty well for what he brings to the team and the line he is targeted for IMO. He's also nearly half way to his full NHL pension in terms of the required number of games played, not that that evil old player's union does anything good for it's constituents or anything. Do you cry for the AHL lifers who typically play for just $50k a year too?

The median household income

The median household income for NC in 2006 was $41,616. At this rate, it would take the average American family a little over 21 yrs. to make what Chad LaRose, a 26-year-old w/o a college degree, is making in 1 year. I hardly think this is a labor injustice.

China Awaits

Go to China and see how your communist ideals are working out there for the common man.  Some are doing ok, maybe you'll flourish.

Entertainers make alot of money.  Big freakin' surprise.  Go get a skill that ordinary folks will pay big bucks to see you perform and quit whining.   It's not LaRose's or Will Smith's fault that nobody wants to pay money to watch you type away for hours on your computer or shuffle papers or whatever you do for a living.


Who is the one whining

Who is the one whining here?  I was simply responding with a reality check to the comment about LaRose's salary being a labor injustice- which it clearly is not.


I've heard all the hype and about all the "potential" but I still can't believe that Pitkanen, an unproven, under performing d-man who is said to have an attitude, is one of our highest paid players, behind Staal, Brindy and (barely) Whitney. That just doesn't make any sense to me.


I have a hard time feeling sorry for a guy getting paid $875,000 a year to do what he loves the most... Gimmie a break... Old time hockey players didn't make a fraction of this even when considering the cost of inflation.

Team Wages

while the team has a 45 million dollar budget for players still seems to the blue collar type of players seem to get the raw end on the checkbook...players Like Rosie...Now,grant you...if everyone is happy...Then why should i complain ? Because i have seen players like Rosie in the old days treated no better than a slab of when thet do have to quit playing...they are no better than a beat up,used and abused walking black and blue body addicted to pain killers...grant one puts a gun to a players head and forces them to play or sign...but still for what Players on the Canes & else where in the NHL...ought to rate a wee bit more respect than that...but as an old hockey fan....what do i know ? And the players union while they may mean well...but their track record...leaves a reasonable and prudent person to wonder...

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