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Walker: 'full recovery' expected

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The Canes' Scott Walker has always been considered one of the "tough guys" of hockey.

"People talk about me like that," he said today. "But it doesn't matter how tough you are when something like this happens."

Walker knew as he played the Boston Bruins series that his wife, Julie, had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. The cancer is treatable and Julie Walker is expected to make a complete recovery.

"She's strong," Walker said. "She'll get through it.

"From what I understand, they caught it early. We expect a full recovery."

Walker said his teammates and their wives have been supportive. The wives, in particular, were helpful with the team on the road in the playoffs.

"That's the great thing about being a hockey player — the support," he said.

Walker joked that Sergei Samsonov had been losing to him in ping-pong recently, saying maybe "Sammy" was letting him win to make him fell better.

Walker scored the winning goal in Game 7 against the Bruins, then choked up in doing post-game interviews. It was his first career playoff goal, but he had Julie on his mind.

"Just trying to do my job ... and keep my mind as calm as I could," he said of playing the game. "So much emotion came out of me. I was thinking how excited she was going to be. That's all I could think about.

"I called her and she was overjoyed, then I did more interviews. It was emotional."

Canes coach Paul Maurice said he learned of Julie Walker's cancer last Saturday.

"He made others feel better by saying, 'It's OK, we're going to get through this,'" Maurice said. "I've never been happier in my life for anyone to score a goal."


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Being diagnosed with cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is a terrifying thing, I am happy to hear that in this case it’s treatable.
I have ever since high school have had people passed away from this disease, lung cancer, skin cancer, brain tumor cancer, even my cat was diagnosed with cancer and I had to put her to sleep.
I wish the best of luck for the Walker Family and for a quick recovery.


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DOn't agree

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Cervical cancer when caught

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Best Wishes for the Recovery

Don't loose your faith and your strength.She will be fine in days to comeRoHS Screening

great news

my mother had breast cancer and it def took a toll for the 4 years she had it...... va refinance

My thoughts and Prayers

My thoughts and Prayers are with Scott, Julie and both their families.... Scott is an amazing player and inspiration for the team and us as fans..... Everyone, send out thoughts and prayers for Julie and Scott Walker and their extended familes..... GO CANES GO


Never have I felt so emotional (in a good way) for a player. I just want to extend a sincere "best wishes" to Scott and the entire Walker family. Speaking as a fan and someone who has lost a loved one due to cancer, I want Scott to know he has the backing of the entire Caniac community!

Go Canes

My wife has worked on the

My wife has worked on the cancer field for almost 20 years and one thing I learned a long time a go is that your attitude, your family/friends and your faith make all the difference on the world!
Thank you Mr. Walker for sharing something so private with us (your fans) and thank you Mrs. Walker for your strenght... Now the Caniac cheers are going to have a deeper meaning than just the Stanley Cup!!!
Rudy P.

Cervical cancer when caught

Cervical cancer when caught early is very treatable. Hence, the optimistic prognosis mentioned in the article is very realistic. Therefore, I don't think there is a need for deep sympathy, but rather optimism. Given all the issues in the background, I am even more impressed that Walker was able to focus out on the ice. He has really given his all for the team - to protect a teammate and then to win the series.

Speaking as someone living

Speaking as someone living with ovarian cancer, I think sympathy/empathy AND optimism are appropriate. Cancer changes your life, and your life will never be the same. That statement is not totally negative.

 Ladies, get your annual PAP smears! But also be aware that a PAP will NOT catch ovarian cancer. Please google "ovarian cancer" and read the symptoms. It could save your life. Listen to your body.

Good To Hear She'll Recover

Glad that things will work okay for her. Keep your strength and faith up. Legally Blonde's Pink Laptop

I saw the interview Scott

I saw the interview Scott did with Tripp Tracy post-game 7. The emotional honesty was compelling and inspirational. Rarely is that ever on display in professional sports. It made me feel proud just to be a fan of the Canes. And that was before learning of the challenges now faced by the Walker family.
My wife is now a 12-year breast cancer survivor so I can only begin to imagine how hard it was to do those interviews less than a week after having your world shaken to the core. Scott, you are indeed a role model for your sport and I for one am proud to have you as a member of the Carolina Hurricanes.
God speed in your family's fight against cancer. Oh, and...

Many fans Know & Respect

People and situations Like the Walker's have and are now going through. I lost a wife of 30 years of that terrible disease. So i really don't blame Scott for shedding a few tears...who ever said real men don't cry...were& are full of Horse Puckey And Yes we of the Caniac Nation are here for the Walkers !!

Go Canes !!!

Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery

I think I speak for the entire Caniac nation in passing along our deep sympathies for the entire Walker family, and our hopes/prayers for a quick and complete recovery.

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