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Thinking about the defense

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For all the talk about the Canes replacing injured forward Justin
Williams, and how it could affect the lines, what about the defensive combinations?

Newcomer Joni Pitkanen seems set with Tim Gleason. Another defensive combination likely could be Niclas Wallin and Joe Corvo. 

The third? Could be Anton Babchuk and Josef Melichar. 

But, hey, that's what training camp and preseason games are for.  There's time to sort it all out. And replacing Williams definitely is top priority.

Most of the regulars practiced this morning at the RBC Center and are being held out of the Red-White scrimmage today. Babchuk will play in the scrimmage, as will Brandon Sutter and Patrick Eaves.


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You can't just send guys

You can't just send guys like Siedenberg to Albany. First he has to clear waivers, and if he'd not claimed then, you can just about bet he will be when you try to bring him back up to the Canes, at which point Carolina will be paying half his salary to play for someone else.

I disagree with Robert,

I disagree with Robert, Seidenberg is a NHL level player already , sending him to albany would be a waste .Its a nice luxury to have extra good defensmen on the roster. As far as the pairings go it will be interesting to see what pete does

I disagree with Robert

I wasn't trying to say that Seidenberg isn't an NHL caliber defenseman already. What I'm trying to say is that he needs the playing time and he's just no getting it here, for whatever reason.  Getting regular time in Albany would be good for him as it will keep him in game shape.

The coaching staff really

The coaching staff really needs to recognize that Wallin is not and has never been a legit Top 4 defenseman. His presence on our second pairing automatically makes it the worst second pairing in the league. He can't skate, handle the puck or pass and is a complete liability at both ends of the ice.


You are definately correct, Wallin belongs no where on an NHL roster, let alone the second pairing. Wallin was our worst player last year. Kaberle, or Seidenberg, should be on the second pairing with Corvo.


Kaberle + Corvo??

This would be a disaster... two offense-first D in the same pairing would go minus dozens on the season... Corvo earned a reputation for being porous in Ottawa, and we all know that Kabs isn't the stopper type D-man.

I would take Seidenberg + Corvo anyday over Wallin + Corvo. 

Babchuk got hurt in the

Babchuk got hurt in the scrimmage today. Let us know what the deal is chip. Thanks!

Probably just....

Probably just Babchuck being Babchuck.  He took a hit and decided he didn't like it anymore....  Can't believe he is back....

Babs Status?

Yes, I don't think he played after the 1st period... I saw him take an elbow in the chops from Bayda behind the net, but he seemd to finish that shift and get off the ice just fine.  Can't say for sure if that was his last shift or not....



I don't agree with the assumption that Kaberle will be traded. You can never have enough depth, especially on the blue line. He gives us that. I don't know what the situation with Seidenberg is. It seems like coach doesn't have faith in him. He makes one mistake and is yanked from the game. Maybe he needs a full year with Albany to sharpen his overall game, then give him a legitimate shot at playing at the NHL level next season.

Kaberle? Seidenberg?

The pairings sound good but does that mean the Kaberle and Seidenberg are gone?

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