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Tanabe, Hamilton in line for buyout

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The Hurricanes have placed David Tanabe and Jeff Hamilton on waivers with the intention of buying out their contracts.

Tanabe missed the last half of the season with a concussion, and injured players cannot be bought out, but the Canes are taking the position that he is healthy.

Tanabe is under contract for $900,000 this season and Hamilton $800,000, so the Canes will be out $1.13 million in cash — $600,000 for Tanabe and $533,333 for Hamilton — and take a cap hit of $566,667 in 2008-09 and 2009-10 $416,667 in 2008-09 and $566,667 in 2009-10.

UPDATE, 3:40 p.m.: I've corrected the cap figures and spoken with Tanabe's agent, Neil Sheehy, who declined to comment because he was still researching Tanabe's situation.

Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford said Tanabe has missed a number of meetings with him and took his equipment home for the summer, and their medical reports indicate he's healthy.


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Nothing but trouble

This guy has always been troublesome regarding front office stuff. He was a pain his first time around, now he won't even talk to JR for his season ending interview. To me that is like going AWOL and should be grounds for terminating his contract. His employer has a right to meet with him in some way. I know there are always two sides to every story but he can't just blow off attempts by his employer to have a face to face.

The rumours were flying that

The rumours were flying that Tanabe was healthy back in the spring. He apparently didn't always show up for his therapy and didn't work too hard when he did. The theory was he didn't want to get sent to the minors, so he acted hurt.

I don't know if this is true, but it would seem the Canes have their doubts.

Tanabe is faking it. I've

Tanabe is faking it. I've heard this from very reliable sources. He knew the Canes were going to send him down to the AHL, so he has faked having a concussion this long so that he wouldn't have to be sent down.


On one hand I agree with JR's position, b/c (from JR's accounts) he alienated himself from the team. While debilitating injuries can immasculate and embarass such a young man, he should still at least be open to dialog with JR and PL to let them know what's going on. After the team gave him a second chance, the only story being told right now is that Tanabe is ignoring JR, which isn't cool.
On the other hand I hope he's ok and can at least live a semi-normal life.


Tannabe isn't any good. Bringing him back was a bad idea. These are the reasons why the 'Canes aren't making the playoffs-- bringing in mediocre players who don't contribute.

See ya

Why Tanabe is being a pain in the rear is beyond me. This team gave him another chance and he refused to talk to them. Good luck finding another team willing to take a chance on a concussion prone - average defenseman. Good luck in Europe or wherever.

Tanabe and Hamilton

I hope Tanabe really is healthy but it sure sounded like he had a long way to go. They're both good guys and I hope things work out for them.

David better be healthy if

David better be healthy if they are going to do that to him.  If not, then that is just dirty pool.

Tanabe can't be bought out if he's not cleared to play

To answer my own question:

Unless he's cleared to play, Tanabe can't be bought out.

health status

So can Tanabe dispute this based on an independent medical review?

Is that legal?

Is it even legal to buy-out Tanabe? Is he cleared to play? I can't see this be an easy thing to do....if it is, the NHLPA needs to tighten up when it comes to stuff like this because he's still injured as far as I know with a career threatening condition. Maybe he'll still be covered by insurance. Too many questions in this....or maybe I'm over thinking this. Can Tanabe decline the buy out?

 Btw, looks like Canes are trumping up to go into the free agency route to get the defenseman we need instead of making a trade.   I agree with this strategy, the trade market is nuts.  With the deal Weber signed today, it may bring down the price of some of these defensemen because it's definitely slim pick'ens this off season.  I pray for the fool that overpays Ron Hainsey and Brooks Orpik.

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