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Sutter recalled; Boychuk, Dalpe reassigned

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The Canes today recalled forward Brett Sutter from the Charlotte Checkers (AHL) and reassigned forwards Zach Boychuk and Zac Dalpe to the Checkers.

Sutter, 24, has earned one assist in four games this season with the Canes.  He was named Charlotte’s captain prior to the season, and has two goals and two assists (4 points) in 14 games this year with the Checkers.


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litte bit of disageement

sittler27, I disagree with you, Anthony Stewart is a good player. He may not score, but he can make some good passes. I think that he should get some practice with shooting and being open for the passes to shoot. He needs a little more credit than you're giving him.

I think the lines you have chosen should have a few modifications.

I think that the Skins and Finns line should be kept. It's the Cane's only scoring line!

So I think that the lines could go as following:

LW: Staal, C: Sutter, and a good right winger, if Poni can play right wing he would be good.

Skins and Finns

Keep Boychuck up here, but put him the young guys. I can't remember who is left and right wing but maybe the line could be, Bowman, Boychuck, Dalpe

and like you said for fourth line, Tlusty, Brent, Stewart

I understand that some of these line just won't work, the salary cap, and all of those types of things.

But as for defense, I think that those will work. I just think considering all the experice, and some of talent the Canes are having too many defensive breakdowns, the amout of zeros after the big numbers should be some sort of motivator. And as a goaltender, I personally think that Mo is placing too much blame on Wardo, the defensive breakdowns can not be placed on the goalie.

Allen  Gleason

Harrison Faulk

Joni  McBain

I think that Joslin should stay.  He played really well last year after he was aquired. But Kaberle should be gotten rid of. Trade him back to Boston and get back Corvo. Considering that the Canes have too many defenseman, put Kabs on the waiver wire and see who, if anyone, claims him.

man, oh man!

glad i'm not Mo... this is getting UGLY.

Backup goalies and callups

Seems like as long as the hurricanes have been here, the other teams back up goalies look like vezina winners against us. And it also seems like I have heard many times, a guy just called up by the team playing us scores his first career goal against us. Meanwhile, our back up goalies do better against us after they move on as opposed to when they are here and our callups are doing great on our AHL team then come here to sharpen blades and tape sticks.

In Case You Missed this

Offensive Speedsters?

The guy calls Jokinen and Tlusty offensive speedsters and criticizes the fact that they get penalty kill time?  He suggests instead Stewart and Rutuu.  I can't remember when I've seen Rutuu killing penalties.  Stewart isn't a stop and go guy and from what I've seen has little hockey sense.  Not what you want on the kill.  I like Jokinen, but calling him a speedster is laughable.  

I don't disagree with the guy's premise, but his supporting data is poor.

not as catchy, but i think we need a new chant:

Rutherford Must Go

Young Guys

Well, here we go again.  Dalpe and Boychuk back down to CLT.  Way to commit to playing "4 lines" and some of the young guys like you said to the media only a few days ago.  Once again, nothing but "lip service" by MO and Rutherford.

Also, Why did Stewart get an opportunity on Staal's line for one game, and now he's on fourth duty again.  I realize he is not a great player, but he does have skill and size, and is a better option to play with Staal than other options on the team.  1 game together, that's all...and then "as the lines turn" starts again.  Rediculous, incompetent coaching decisions!

All on Stewart

I agree that there enough bad coaching decisions to go around. But Stewart has shown me absolutely nothing no matter where he has played this year. Other than a brief fllurry at the start of last year with Atlanta he has done nothing at the NHL level. Now I get why he was cut loose as an RFA be Winnipeg.  JR was shopping in the dollar store and he got what he paid for.

However I wouldn't agree with the handling Boychuk and Dalpe.  You have to do what other teams do. If you have a guy  groomed for top 6 type minutes there is a certain style he is comfortable.  When you bring them up you don't ask them to completely change that and play a 4th line shut down role. Like asking a thoroughbred to pull a plow.  If and when they come up I'd bite the bullet and put Dalpe on one of the scoring lines and leave him there. Same with Boychuk.  A Stewart, LaRose, Dwyer, even Tlusty is built to play bottom 6 or even 4th line type minutes.

Skinner, Staal, Ruutu

Boychuk Jussi Dalpe

Poni Sutter Dwyer ( or LaRose)

Tlusty Brent Stewart

I'd trade either LaRose or Dwyer for whatever I could get.

As for D,

Allen  Gleason

Harrison Faulk

Joni  McBain

I'd trade Kabs along with LaRose Dwyer and/or  throw in Joslin and see if you can pry a finishing type forward out of Edmonton or Columbus. When that happens you move Dwyer to the 4th line and put Stewart in the pressbox.

As for this crappy system we have that is defense first. Its not a defensive system. Its a defensively responsbile system that has strong back pressure and results in quick transition. They outshot TO 29-12 over two periods until they sat back ( mistake) and 41 shots overall. They outshout Buffalo 34- 20 and must have missed the net on 15 more opportunities.  You call that a "defensive" system?!  It is misunderstood. The problem isn't the system. It's that we have a talent shortfall and can't finish. In both those games that opportunites that the system gave them and if they had finishers should have resulted in several more goals.

I still think Mo should go.... even if just because of how he is slotting players, not playing his 4th line and strategy with a lead.  But a new coach, with this team is not going to get them into a playoff spot until add atleast one bona fide finishing forward and we move Kabs off the D.

The top ten reasons MO must stay

The top ten reasons MO must stay


Number 10

Mediocre is OK

Number 9

Yes, the NHL does give out trophies’ for 30th place

Number 8

Wants to pass a bill to rename I-85 to the

Checker’s Expressway

Number 7

Toronto’s way to cold of a place to live

Number 6

We don’t need an Offense or defense, Cam Ward can play 82 games

Number 5

Nobody else want to play golf with Jim

Number 4

He’s happy to be  back and will be judged the same way as any other coach

Number 3

Skinner does have 3 other sisters that play Hockey

Number 2

The Columbus Blue Jacket turned down his resume

And the Number 1 reason

why Mo must stay

Caroline Fans will take luck over skills any time

I have to interject here.

The #2 reason is:

Because no one else will work for Jim Rutherford and do it his way!

Number 0

You forgot Number 0: His pimp says he will stay whatever mistakes he makes.

Rutherford and Maurice are destroying this team

Paul Maurice will never give a young guy a chance to work thru their struggles.  It's get out there and produce a point a game, or it's back to Charlotte you go.

Brett Sutter?  That's their answer for our scoring woes?  Brett Sutter?  It's time they trade Boychuk, because they are never going to give him an extended look to prove he can play and produce at this level.  But by all means, let's call up Brett Sutter, who's done absolutely nothing, other than his last name being Sutter, to deserve this promotion.

Rutherford is complicent in all of this, and just as much to blame as Maurice.  If and when he wises up, and finally cuts the cord for good on the perennial under-achieving Maurice, and his career .500 record, this franchise will never perform at the the level they're capable of.  I'm sick of seeing the same, old crap under the same, old, crappy coach.







I agree that those two need

I agree that those two need to be playing more minutes and in offensive situations to best use their talents.  On the other hand, if Maurice is committing to a more defensive system those two are better off in Charlotte than on the 4th line.  

I hope Sutter has his head right this time.  He made some pretty glaring errors the last time he was in Raleigh.

Maurice and Mismanaging Forward Lines

   Maurice has steadfastly refused to put Dalpe or Boychuk in the top six for any appreciable amount of time.  Then Maurice complains that the Hurricanes aren't scoring.  Apparently, he does not see the disconnect.  It's very frustrating to watch.


Be patient sir, Mo has a plan that does not include neophyte players. Guys like Chad Larose are all stars in waiting and only Mo seems to get that. Although Staal played better last night without Larose it was most likely a fluke. Chad even celebrated a goal he never scored, he is on a higher wave length and even after being knocked off the puck every shift he was a fluid force of energy and enthusiasm on the ice.

Dalpe and Boychuk don't deserve to share the same ice or bench as Rosey. Mo knows best that scoring is not what wins games, its effort and jump and energy and enthusiasm blah blah blah.  Only part I don't get is why the other 29 teams can't see this, why they put so much emphasis on scoring as it is clearly overrated.

Faulk played well yesterday so I am sure he is only one mistake away from being sent down too. Too bad Skinner can't be sent down because his backcheck sucks.

Skinner comment makes no sense

It's really hard to read your posting for substative content when you want to send down the guy who has the highest points on the team....

If you don't get the sarcasm

If you don't get the sarcasm here then there is no hope for you


Obviously I did not get the sarcasm.

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