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Staals' dinner put on hold

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PITTSBURGH -- The Canes' abrupt change in travel plans for the Penguins game also led to a change for center Eric Staal. And the Pens' Jordan Staal.

"We usually go out to dinner when I come into town the night before the game," Eric Staal said today. "He'll do the same when he comes to Raleigh."

Well, maybe in Raleigh, in early December. The Canes elected to change up their pregame routine and fly into Pittsburgh this morning instead of Wednesday, arriving at the team hotel about 11:30 a.m., eight hours before game time.

For this game, Eric and his brother had to "visit" via cell phone.

"We try to talk once a week. I talked to him last night," Eric said. "We talked a little bit about how their start is. He's back at center now, so I guess I'll be facing off against him a few times tonight, so it should be fun."

Jordan Staal is expected to center a line with Ruslan Fedotenko and Petr Sykora. Jordan is off to a slow start, with two assists in seven games. Could having Eric in town be a needed spark to his play?

"I think it does add a little bit to it, for sure," Eric said. "Any time you face off in the NHL against one of your brothers, it will add a little extra to the game. Bragging rights, for sure. 

"For us, we just want to make sure we're on top at the end of the night."

That probably would be enough to make Jordan pick up the dinner check in Raleigh.


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Jordan will...

have to stay 2 steps ahead of Eric...and trust me as kids growing up...Jordan should know by now...all the little & sneaky tricks Eric can and has pulled by now...personally I'd bet on Eric to get 2 out of 3 faceoffs (average) unless he got too close to Crosby...:-0..... Hey Chip...remember when Cell Phones were only for those who had big bucks ? Like 20 years ago ??? Thanks alot sir !!! Go Canes !!

Wait, Esteban remembers

Wait, Esteban remembers something from 20 yrs ago??

Could 1949 be the year of Esteban's birth???

Because I thought he was 9.

Yes oh great putt putt champion !

1949 was the year...when  sex was really dirty...and the air alot cleaner !

 Go Lethbridge !

Not happening in December either

Well they are not eating dinner in December either as the Penns are playing the Rangers the night before.

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