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So I asked if he wanted to fight ...

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Wonder how hockey fights begin? Sure, often it's a retaliatory thing. Sometimes, the two guys just don't like each other.

Then there was the Canes' Tim Conboy and Chris Stewart of the Colorado Avalanche on Sunday.

Conboy and Stewart once were teammates in Albany (AHL) and Conboy calls him a "good guy." But Conboy figured the Canes needed a first-period lift and Stewart seemed like a willing partner.

"I just went out there and asked him and he said, 'Sure, I'll go with you," a smiling Conboy said today.

Just that simple. So off they went, squaring off just after a faceoff and letting it fly. The fight got the RBC Center crowd going and got the Canes going in a 5-2 win.

The one downside for Conboy: a black eye.

"I'll give him the win — this time —because of that," Conboy said with a laugh.





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Heres an example of mutual

Heres an example of mutual combat, quite amusing.


Hockeybuzz rumors are usually crazy and very few of them come to fruition - most of them are put out there to stir the pot. Nevertheless, if it did happen, I would be fine with getting Cole back, at least we know we can resign him and what we are getting for the most part. It doesn't make a lot of sense in that they are kind of equal parts - power forward for power forward - we'll see.

That's crazy

Trading Ruutu anywhere -- let alone to the Oilers for Cole -- would be totally insane. He is one of our most physical players; and those are in short supply.

Ruutu is not a liability. He is a valuable asset.

Getting Cam Ward to play consistently good hockey is our biggest challenge. . .

Off subject, sorry, but driving me crazy

There's lots of trade speculation right now as everyone knows, but the most disturbing rumor I'm hearing, and reading, is that we are willing to trade Tuomo Ruutu to the Oilers to get Erik Cole back. SAY IT AIN'T SO! This would be one unhappy Canes fan if that were to happen. Ruuto has brought so much intensity every game. Something we saw very sporadically out of Cole.



Hockeybuzz bats about .010 on their rumors. 

Cole is nearly certainly going to be traded next week, as he's not going to re-sign in Edmonton.

Having said that... if JR (it ain't Mo's decision, folks) trades anything more than a mid-round draft pick + a salary dump (Cole will cost ~$1M for the rest of the season) for someone that he may very well be able to sign for Free on July 1 (assuming Cole's price is lower based on his last coupld years of dropoff in production, and a 'home town discount'), than he's not thinking straight. 

Anything can happen... but

Anything can happen... but I doubt this will. Cole is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. I expect he'll be more expensive next season than Ruutu, despite Cole's so-so performance. Ruutu will be a restricted free agent.

Plus, the Canes need help at RW. 

That said, if Mo really likes Cole...


Fights like that are excellent opportunities to go get a beer.

That was good

Gee i wonder if that works for some of the minor league baseball players too ??

Thanks Chip

Popularity of NHL isn't being helped here

I love hockey when it's not interrupted by this contrived "fighting".

It's a joke, worse than a bar fight when there's not even any animosity as a result of playing a contact sport.

More interesting than a commercial break but still a waste of my time.

NHL trails pro wrestling ironically:


that is too funny i wonder i can't get my buddies to do the same with me?

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