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Remember the name: Canes Now

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As of Jan. 1, this blog will have a new name: Canes Now.

The blog czars at the N&O have wanted the name for a while.  So be it. Come New Year's, we'll have a new one.

Canes Now.


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I did not mean to offend anone w/ my comments & offer sincere apologies for doing so. That was not my intent.

However, even though my words may have been too harsh - and again I aplogize for that - I will not apologize for my message. CA's coverage of this team truly is poor. For only one example, "Jeff Richards"? (you know what I'm referring to) Seriously. None of us get paid to follow this sport and all of us know the lineups of (at least) the east conference teams.

So I truly do apologize for being rough with my language if it came across that way.

But I absolutely do not apologize for calling out Alexander; criticism of his job performance is most definitely deserved.

As my old coach said about goalies: "Why should I feel sorry for them?? Nobody forced them to be a goalie! They picked the job they wanted & there's absolutley no excuse for not doing their job."

Case closed.

with all due respect

you are the most horrible blogger of the canes.

While i understand that you are paid to do your work, i must confess that your ability is only subjugated by your sad display of focus on the core elements of what is hockey.

please stop writing.

or, at least writing the horrible words.


OK...gonna try & stay calm

OK...gonna try & stay calm here...

First - well said Sun! Nice & honest. Too nice though, if you ask me.

Second - if I got called out like that I'd show up - (uh that means HERE Chip - duh) to either 1) defend myself or 2) fess up & admit I was wrong. The fact you do neither CHIP (see this is the only way to get his attention peeps, piss him off) - well that says it all, doesn't it?? So while I have your attention, let me help you some more: stop acting like we (readers) don't know what's going on in the world - CHIP. Stop acting like we don't know the difference between press releases & actual reporting. Stop acting like what you write for the print edition is good enough to fill up blog space.

And now for all the softies out there, consider this:

Why should we take it easy on this guy? He is so damn uppity towards us readers. CHIP writes about the beautiful game of hockey as though it's a chore; he has no interest in our game. And guess what, CHIP?!? This disdain comes accross in your writing (now everyone besides CHIP put on your surprised faces!). It really seems as though you, CHIP, hate hockey - and so by extension, hate us hockey fans, too.

So many of us passionate fans give Chip links (basically doing the job for him) to other, MUCH SUPERIOR blogs - and no that's not very difficult! - but seriuosly - there are so many blogs by excellent, real reporters like Russo, Frei, etc & they do such an awesome job. And yet Chip never bothers to take advantage of all this FREE help! NEVER! Not once does he acknowledge or cover the tips from readers & other journalists.

Chip doesn't think any of us are reputable. Fair enough. So, Chip, I encourage you to research these tips & report back to us.

BAH. What IS it with you Chip? Really - WTF?? Who do you think you are that you're too good to acknowledge readers of "your" blog?!?! WELL?!?!

MY GOD!! Get over yourself & stop acting like covering NHL hockey is such a chore. And if this comment doesn't show up on "Canes Now" (snicker) consider my N&O subscription cancelled (and yeah, I really do subscribe - I pay actual money to receive your wisdom).

So look in the mirror, re-evaluate, make changes.



I don`t know when Paul Branecky became unreliable? I assume he would be offended if he read this blog.

I'm sorry I never post

I'm sorry I never post comments like this but I'm upset with the tone of this blog. Chip if you actually bothered to respond to readers questions & didn't just drop by to take the occasional shot at them or make a snarky comment people wouldn't be so hostile.

Bill Watters is most certainly a valid source considering his source is Jim Rutherford. It is just plain ignorant & rude to suggest readers are getting all outside info from disreputable sources. Rethink your approach to this blog. Treat us with respect and you will get the same in return.


You do not need to apologise for anything...all of us here at times do go overboard ( me too,Me too!!) in our passions about a sport and team we like ( sadly more than other things) and support. You did what you felt was the right. As much as all of us would like to "stuff a sock" init, to many many poeples faces as what they have to say can and has ofended many...yet that is what free Speech is all about isn't it ? After all when was the last time any of us here read that someone was executed for saying...The president sucks ?

esteban smiles...waves he is trying to find "happy' and see if "happy will return" the building !!


Go Canes !!  

The thing is

Chip doesn't know who Bill Watters is. And Chip doesn't know who Darren Dreger is. Or Brian Duff. Or Bob "Hockey God" McKenzie. CHIP doesn't know what "Leafs Lunch" is. He doesn't even know what this "TSN" you speak of is! 

And before tonight I would have felt guilty for pointing all this out.

But now I've gotten sick of this guy trying to act like he's doing a good job. Sooo high & mighty...well...

Chip pretends he knows more than he does & that he is sooo much better than us. So am I mean? Nope - he's just getting what's coming to him.

Honestly, it's embarrassing, isn't it, NHL fans? (and I mean knowledgeable & coherent NHL fans - so, sorry esteban - that means you're out! And please don't repond, esteban, b/c no one cares - FOR REAL - they won't read your ramblings anyway).

Now, I mean, really: How does Bubba (those in the know, KNOW, no explanation needed!) manage to do such a wonderful job with his blog - and at cost to him, I might add - while CHIP gets PAID to cover the Canes? And does such a poor job in comparison?? Ugh, I'm out.

Stay Constructive

I'm all for making suggestions / initiating new discussions here in advance of formal reporting, whether by Chip or Luke or whoever does this in the future, but let's keep the criticism constructive....  Remember, this is all for entertainment, the team and the blog.  Let's not get over-invested.


Get over yourself.

This is what happens when you make everyone sign into a blog.  Actually, I care what esteban thinks.  I have poked fun of him, but I'd like to be able to read his comments and they have been better lately. 

Niko, hockey has too many "I know more and you aren't a real hockey fan" followers.  Don't be another one.

Yo Nico

1. You remind me of the pharissees who cried out about Jesus and yelled Crucify Him, Crucify Him...Well you just did crucify Chip...

 2. i stand on my comments earlier...if you think you can do better, then  put in an application with N& O and try and get the job...

 3. And lastly...get your head out of the micro great grandson want to nuke his pop corn...where's your manners dude ?? Oh i forgot you got them from the RBC Center of major parking plans & change them yet again department...that explains everything ...


have a healthy Happy left the building...:-O

What? No kudos for Chip

What? No kudos for Chip keeping us informed on Wallin's status, and that he had a setback? I haven't noticed TSN or Leafs Lunch being all over this story. I'm sure folks have sent them snide comments about their slack coverage of such important news. Some "hockey universe" they are.

Canes - Now?

Well, it's game over plus twelve hours and there's no blog entry posted.

And Chip (referring to print write-up which still hasn't been corrected on-line), it's JUSTIN Williams.

let's get focused guys....

Why is everyone blabbering about 'name changes' and 'URLs'??? I would normally HATE to admit I am a Connecticut Yankee and Whaler/Cane fan since 1979..but now I MUST!!!  Does anyone realize by now that Zach Boychuk (AKA the FUTURE) was seriously injured in tonights game???  Let us all take a break from shredding Rod Brind'Amour to recognize that this is NOT football.  This season, as well as next season, is a long, protracted marathon....and the strongest, deepest teams survive.  Look at the big picture,  The Canes are good right now.  A developed, healthy Boychuk makes them better in 2010.  Oh, and "esteban" happens to know what he's talkin about...I'm just gettin familiar with these boards,,,but I can tell he has some real hockey background....(must be from the NORTH like me!) JUST KIDDING!!!

Boychuck Status

Hate to hear the news about Zach...

Chip, hate to hear this from a reader first... what gives?  This goes to the point made earlier about the significant time delay here on real news (Kabs, now this). 

In all fairness, I've heard (via XM) that the US media presence in Ottawa for the WJC is virtually non-existent, which is a shame, but not surprising... wonder what it will be like when the tourney is actually played on US soil in a couple of years.  However, the game was available on TV here, so a mention of it here is not too much to ask.


Howdy Bulldog424

Yep I be from the north, was born and raised in Chicago, and as a street kid, spent every spare moment i had either on the ice at several old city parks & ponds...or trying to sneak in the old Chicago Stadium and try to get a few peeks at the players I adored back then in the late 50's and 60's. Where a real hockey player played hurt alot, took 2 asprin for the pain after the trainer tried to reset a broken wrist, finger or leg...sent ya back out there for 20 more minutes of gut busting knock down drag out bone crushing hockey ! And what was this, about Zach getting hurt ? I'll have to go look at the hockey news for the Juniors competition...

whoops...i forgot me manners...Welcome !!


Go Canes !

C'mon y'all. The url is the

C'mon y'all. The url is the same. What does the title matter? Maybe they could call it "Try to figure out what Esteban is talking about." Still the same stuff.


I will make the "commitment" to get and keep the marbles out of my mouth so that my points are direct, concise, and not all over the place like a 12 guage sawed off shotgun blast.


Happy New year To ya !


I, for one, appreciate the effort.  It's obvious you are a passionate fan, but it can be darn tough reading some of your posts. 


Suiting the N&O Czars

The folks upstairs probably just wanted a streamline title with the very popular "ACC Now" blog running.

Name change

Part of the reason we're making the change is that no one's ever really cared for calling it Lord Stanley's Blog, but this blog was born during the playoffs, so it made sense then.

But, we think it might be easier for new readers to find because it has the word "Canes" it in, and it reflects more of what we're trying to do, which is give accurate, sourced Canes news as fast as possible. 

We've been intending to change the name for a while — I believe Canes Now was Luke's idea — but finally decided to go for it with a new year.

The URL won't change, so the regulars shouldn't have any trouble finding it.

But, if there's a problem, e-mail me

Hey rcarter

The idea about changing and "hiding the url...was a way for some to keep me off of here, as I do tend to get all excited. Seeing I am an old hockey fan from an era when a good hockey player played hurt,and only took 2 asprin for a recently set broken leg and got back out there and played ! So and when i get upset or go off on what i feel are whimpy milk toast, cry baby fans who can't or don't get the cup handed to them every other week...well I does get just a wee bit "miffed" !

But i have made the " commitment" to stay focused, and in check, if not, then my great grandson has a muzzle that was made like the one Hannable wore !

A happy & healthy 2009 to you and the staff there at the N&O...

 Go canes !!


How is it "Canes Now" if your updates are hours later than everywhere else.


maybe because they're source-based, with actual verification from named officials, and not based on unnamed sources?

I am sure the folks at TSN

I am sure the folks at TSN and Leafs Lunch would appreciate your commentary on their lack of source and fact checking. I believe that they were correct with the Kab story just like you (just a few hours earlier).


While Chip or Luke do not need me or anyone else defending them, but i will say this: even micro-wave pop corn takes time to the N&O they may  have a written policy of Verify,Verify...and if in doubt...Verify...and that, like a nuke size micro wave pop corn popper...does take time.

Not everything in the world of "reporting" comes as fast as speeding bullet, or instant pudding. but i am confident that if you can do a better job reporting what the canes are or are not doing, there might be a place for you at some newspaper somewhere who would love to see your 3 page list of pulitzer prize sports stories that you are oh so proud of ! So please...don't keep us waiting...apply please !!

disclaimer: the thoughts and opinions on this or any blog at any time or place are mine and solely mine and not to be confused with real people who get paid to do this for a living...


Have A Happy 2009...Please !

Chip, thanks for speaking out.

Chip, thanks for speaking out.  It's important for everyone to understand that this blog is about discussing facts and not starting rumors.  Keep up a good work.

Made me laugh

That was funny.

It sounds like a TV show

It sounds like a TV show that Regis Philbin should be hosting, but I'm sure the Canes front office won't object since it removes any connection between the Stanley Cup and the Hurricanes.

Section 124

Esteban, are you that guy who sits in Section 124, around row M or so, and yells ridiculous crap about penalties that only you saw during every 'Canes home game and makes the rest of us want to throw our $6 hotdogs at you?

Sorry V

that is NOT me...As the last Hurricanes Game i was able to attend was ages, ages ago when they still played in Greensboro, while the ground was just being broken for the RBC Center. 6.00 hotdogs? geez...must be nice. Are they Hebrew national brand  hotdogs ? Those "puppies" aint cheap, but oh so good !!! Now my dream job as a kid was to grow up and be a NHL referee, and when i can get out to a few local games here in Winston-Salem @ the Joel, i have a few folks want to know if i am a supervisor of the officals doing the game, as i makes the calls before they do and are announced. I try not to be too vocal as yes it can be annoying especially if their favorite player gets caught with a tripping or slashing penality. then i have had a few not so empty beer cups tossed at me...sigh...and i don't drink !!!


Happy new year V...Go Canes !

A Blog Named Su

I like "Lord Stanley's Blog" and I think "Canes Now" is weak but you could call it "Susan" and I'd read it as long as it gives us fans any/all info possible about the Hurricanes. Hint hint.

Lame name

I totally agree that "Canes Now" is weak and lame.  Weren't there any other possiblities?


Could ya post the new URL if there is one, please

No new URL

The URL won't change.

Canes Now

Can you change the URL too, so esteban can't find you?

Yo uneksija

i could own 90% of the stock of the like a rash...i be all over...and i do wish you a Happy new year and that what ever diety you worship blesses you so much you'll beg,plead and threaten to sue it if it don't stop!!! Honest...and it be from the bottom of my never ever politically correct heart! HeHehe..

Go Canes, Rats & Chiefs !!!

If you do indeed own 90% of

If you do indeed own 90% of the stock of the paper could you fix it so that the employees make sure that the paper has decent reporting in it and stop your employees from spending their time dreaming up stupid titles for blogs when they should be doing more important things like investigative journalism....e.g. ask Rod Brind'Amour why he thinks his play is so off this season....

No rmmeli

i do not own 90% of the McClatchy group who happens to operate the N&O, but as any other person...anyone can contact them and ask them to try and improve the things we are not happy about. Now I have no side or take on changing this blogs name or title. grant you it may not be catchy or flashy, but the people who came up with Canes Now are the one's calling the shots, and like the rest of us who go to work everyday ( or used to) just do what we are told to do and go on.But if i ever did own 90%, I'd make sure myvoice was heard as i am sure all of us here would want ...right ?

Have a safe evening at home with your family, friends and may 2009 be a bigger blessing to ya than 2008 was.

Go canes !


Somehow it's a fitting change considering the "Canes now" are pretty far away from playing for Lord Stanley's Cup.

Are you kidding?

That is a truly stupid decision. What are you people at the N&O smoking?


then buy the newspaper and do what you will with the silly blog...heck if you do...pleae don't make Chip or Luke pack up and leave...if you are nice and let them stay...we could try and set up a place where you be JR for an hour and be like on the Apprentice...and tell Peter and everyone else...You're Fired ! And No you don't need to have your hair combed like Trumps either !!!

Happy New Year !!

Overreact much?

Like it really matters?

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