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Pitkanen to miss Stars game

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Defenseman Joni Pitkanen will be held out of tonight's game at Dallas as a precaution, Canes coach Paul Maurice said today, but should play Saturday at Washington.

Pitkanen suffered an upper-body injury Wednesday in the game at Chicago.

"Joni is doing OK," Maurice said. "If he was 100 percent, he'd play tonight. We feel if he sits out tonight's game we fully expect he'll be ready for Washington."

Frantisek Kaberle will replace Pitkanen in the lineup, Maurice said.

Cam Ward will start his 17th consecutive game in goal, Maurice said. Maurice had hinted that Michael Leighton might get a start during the trip, giving Ward a night off.

"Cam feels good," Maurice said. "He's ready to go, so he'll go. Then we have three days off after Washington."

Tonight's game will be the fifth in seven days for the Canes.

"These stretches can be brutal," Maurice said. "It's a real testament to our guys that they have played this well."


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N & O hockey coverage...

It has only been recently that the coverage of the away games has been less than thorough. For the last 3-4 seasons we have had some pretty darn good coverage, especially for a small-market, college basketball area. Sunday coverage has always been great. Newspapers are hurting (like everyone else!) so why should we be surprised by some cutbacks? They are trying to sell papers and make a profit. Right now basketball coverage helps sell papers and NOT flying Chip Alexander to Dallas helps make a profit.

Some forget

that here in Tar heel Country BB was and remains King of most if not all sports here...and sadly the only way to get any balanced coverage would be if and again i say if...the Canes were to win the cup...back to what detroit, or montreal used to in dynasties...type of stuff...and seeing that won't happen in our lifetimes, and the economy is way south to where even ACC fans didn't fill the Ga. dome...they only beef most sports fans have here is what now ?

As i said the other day...the Mcclatchy group which owns and operates the N&O...has cut back yet trips that Luke and javier got to take to ATL was something that was planned a while and if we don't see Chip at the DC Game...should anyone here really be surprised ? Chip and others like you here are blessed to have and while i from time to time have NOT agree with Chip or the media bias found in most parts of the Press ( in all of its forms) I am glad if and when he and even Phil Janack from the rats blog fame can and still try to give us some what is going on...even if it is a rehash of from some place else...

GO STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all.



Sad state of affairs

They'll continue to cover college programs on the road, but not the only professional sports team in the area - Good job N&O, way to be a part of helping to cement the area's hockey roots.

No wonder folks in the big hockey towns think we "don't get" hockey...

Are Canes PR people doing N&O's work?

Again, I wanted to read a local angle on the story from Chicago and again I was disappointed. This has gone way past absurd. Perhaps we will get the Fort Worth version tonight?


Our team, our pathetic coverage tradition


not you again!

You can't complain about the team's play so you bash the newpaper? Typical. Say, when is the "ex" part of xpukguy gonna kick in? There is no room here for your negativity. You're the guy on the block that yells at the kids to "Stay off my lawn!!!" You really, really are pathetic. No one likes you. Please leave. That is all. Good day, sir. I SAID GOOD DAY, SIR!

haha that is the best


that is the best post i have read here in a long long time!  thank you!

 I just keep re-reading trade deadline day posts by xpukguy.  That cluelessness always makes me laugh too.


I thought you gave away your tickets, or do you only post when it's time to bash something?

I try to be...

...the "Dennis" to his "Mr.Wilson"...

From what I've read...

The N&O can't afford to sent Chip on the road anymore. The PR staff of the Hurricanes send audio, interviews, information, etc. to the N&O.

Read more:


It's sad

I agree--I've been complaining about N&O hockey coverage all season long. Its disgraceful.  The signals have been there for a while, moving Luke out, not funding local reporters to attend away games, curtailing space in the Sports Section, etc.  College bball is great, don't get me wrong, but I'd watch the Canes over any ACC matchup (and yes, I'm a STH for both) any day of the week.  Go Canes!

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