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Penguins potent with Malkin and Crosby

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Pittsburgh centers Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby have been racking up points.

Malkin leads the NHL in points with 11. He has nine assists and two goals in the Penguins’ first seven games.

Crosby is ranked ninth in NHL points. He only has a goal, but he also has nine assists.

“They’re a dangerous team up front, but every team has a weakness,” rookie center Brandon Sutter said after Wednesday's practice at the RecZone.

They were both in on every goal in the Penguins’ 4-1 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday. Malkin had four assists, and Crosby had three assists and a goal.

Then Malkin scored the winning shootout goal in the Penguins’ 2-1 shootout over the Boston Bruins Monday.

“They’ve got some really good players up front,” said Canes coach Peter Laviolette. “Even though they’ve got some injuries on the back end, they’re still capable of generating a lot of offense.

“Let’s be honest here. We’re going to have to play a much better game than we did in Anaheim. We relied far too heavily on our goaltender. And our team for the second period and third period did not play that well. It was a gutsy win. We had guys that were diving to block shots and had a goaltender that stood on his head.”


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It amuses me to no end...sometimes to the point of see all the "trade possibilities/rumors" that get posted around here (and on blogs and message boards elsewhere)...Kaberle for J. Staal?...warm body and a bag of pucks for Gaborik...please...JR has pulled off some "steals" in his time...but both teams have to want to deal...Gaborik might be an option in February, IF the Wild are out of contention (probably unlikely), and IF the Canes are in contention (remains to be seen), and feel they need the extra help at that point. And IF Minnesota looks to dump Gaborik rather than losing him to free agency (unless he is already resigned, if so, I missed it)...Pittsburgh is NOT going to give up Jordan Staal for an oft injured/somewhat fragile/aging Kaberle (and I love what Kaberle has done so far this year when he has been one the ice)...or any of the Cane's other 3rd or 4th line defensemen...that's just a fanciful pipe dream IMHO...I think we are very unlikely to see any sort of blockbuster trades this early in the season...those usually come closer to the trading deadline in February (or in the off season)...a trade at this point is usually going to be a trade for depth (which we could use for sure, especially with the walking wounded on the forward lines)...but teams are going to be incredibly hesitant to give up top of the line players and/or top prospects this early in the season...

There's a lot more to it than "hey, this guy is a good-to-great player, JR should go and get him."

Of course, I would be more than happy to be proven wrong! ;-)


Heard any good Staal rumors lately?

If Pittsburgh needs a defenseman and the Canes need a forward, perhaps they could work out a trade. Let's see, who does Pittsburgh have at forward that might be able to join the family here at Carolina?

Seriously, a Frank Kaberle for Jordan Staal trade might have made sense for both teams at least until Kaberle hurt his leg.

Staal trade

If I were JR, I would do this trade in a heartbeat.  The Pens would laugh out loud however, even if Kabs was completely healthy.  You're talking a 30+ yr old that doesn't come close to matching either Gonchar or Whitney for a good all around forward who hasn't even reached drinking age....

Uh huh

Keep swiggin' Biff...

We Know ...

Javier...sigh...we know...too bad we can't get them to walk on a banana peel...and can't skate tonite !! But we can hope can't we ??


Go Canes !!!

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