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Oh, brother: Staal vs Staal

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The Canes' Eric Staal said he got a few "pats" on the back from his brother Marc in the game Saturday against the New York Rangers.

"Yeah, he got me in the back of the legs, in the back of the head," Staal said Monday, breaking into a grin. "He banged me more than I banged him."

Marc Staal is one of the Rangers' top defensemen. On Saturday, that often meant he was going up against No. 12 of the Hurricanes -- big brother Eric, Carolina's top center.

"I saw a lot of him," Eric said. "He's good. He's tough to get around. He's very solid in front of his net and very strong."

Marc Staal, 21, is in his second year with the Rangers. At 6-4 and 209 pounds, he and Eric are about the same size and figure to keep banging in the future.

"I'm sure it will get more physical as we go forward," Eric said. "I'm not going to forget those whacks and sticks. I'll make sure I get him back, too."

The Rangers won 3-2 in a shootout Saturday, but Marc Staal was on the ice when Eric's line scored in the first period, Tuomo Ruutu getting the goal after Eric forced a turnover in the New York zone.

Not that Eric is the only brother Marc pesters. Pittsburgh Penguins forward Jordan Staal has had some duels of his own with his D-man brother.

"It's intense and as the years go on it will get even more intense," Eric said. "I couldn't even imagine the playoffs or something like that.

"For me, it's more exciting. It's more fun. And you want to make sure you're at your best."


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Sibling Rivelry

from hearing some of the interviews last year from their parents...on the pond behind the house the boys were a wee bit rough on one another...should we be at all surprised ?

It's funny though When i am able to listen to another game the canes aren't playing I'll see if Pittsburg or the rangers are, after all I do like the name Staal !

Go Canes !!

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