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Monday debate: where do things stand?

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The NHL, at least for a few minutes, appeared on the verge of a CBA breakthrough last week. Then the NHLPA's Don Fehr said the union's offer had found unacceptable by the league, the NHL's Bill Daly started talking about a hill to die on and it all fell apart.

Or did it? Some believe a deal could be surprisingly close. Others believe there will not be a deal and not be a season.

What do you think? More so, do you really care anymore?

The floor is open.


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Losing interest

Humans are an adaptable sort. It's upsetting to have something that provides enjoyment taken from us, but as we are adaptable, we seek enjoyment elsewhere. 

Don't Care

The Hurricanes and NHL have really burned me as a fan.  If they really want me back, they are going to have to paint more than "Thank You Fans, Again" on the ice.  Do I see them doing anything other than that to lure fans back, no, I don't. They don't care about the fans until their wallets hurt.

I have to wonder though, and this is just me thinking here, if there is more to Charlotte coming up here to play than we realize.  There is no conflict with the schedule for Jan. 6. Are they trying to see how many tickets they can sell?  Are they contimplating a move to Raleigh?  Is PK looking to sell the Hurricanes and everything has been kept hush, hush? I wouldn't be upset to have Charlotte here, no lockout woes.  Again, this is just me thinking, and I have no proof anything like this is in the works. 

No conspiracy...

There is no conspiracy at work surrounding the Charlotte Checkers.  The Hershey Bears played in DC last week, so the Canes aren't the only ones doing it.

I care, but as every day

I care, but as every day passes it's less likely there will be a season. Meanwhile, after watching the Carolina Panthers yesterday, I wonder what kind of a hockey player Cam Newton could have been. 

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