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Mini-plans announced

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The Hurricanes announced their ticket mini-plans today, with three 12-game plans and one 26-game plan.

Basically, if you want Opening Night tickets and weekend games against less-than-exciting opponents, you want the "red" plan. If you want Red Wings tickets and weeknight games against playoff teams, you want the "white" plan. If you want Erik Cole tickets and a mix of attractive opponents and weekend games, you want the "black" plan.

And if you want to be blunt about it, here's the breakdown on weeknight games and games against teams like Atlanta, Florida and, say, Columbus -- the less-attractive opponents, so to speak. (No offense intended, but there's a big difference between the Panthers and the Penguins, for example. The Capitals and the Lightning, I think most would agree, are a little more compelling.)

Red: one weeknight, six Atlanta-type games
White: 12 weeknights, one Florida-type game
Black: three weeknights, three Columbus-type games

UPDATE, 3:54 p.m.: Glen Wesley Night, on Feb. 17, is in the "white" plan, as well as the 26-game plan.


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I've got season tickets, and

I've got season tickets, and when I can't go, I put them on StubHub under face value. It makes me feel a little less dirty than trying to sell them to a scalper.

You can't blame fans for

You can't blame fans for buying from scalpers or waiting for $10 day-of tickets. Mini-plans do not save that much $ off the gate price, & even the cheapest seats available for mini-plans are still not affordable for many fans.

Buy the plan

Buy the plan. If you purchase more than 3 or 4 seats, you never know if you can can that many in a row. and some scalpers are OK but many feel like you are doing a dope deal on a sidestreet in lower east side in 1985. Support the org that actually has put the team here.


I agree. Just get $10 tickets day of the game.

There's no need to get

There's no need to get ticket plans folks-- just buy them from the stupid scalpers for less money since they almost never sell out.

Be Part of the Team

Oh look.  A scalper peddling his wares… I highly recommend becoming part of the team and supporting the organization, not some lowlife who does not want to get a real job.  If you want to seek out some discounted seats for a game, check out an actual fan who might have extras.  Dealing with them won’t make you feel like you are negotiating with the slimiest, used car salesmen to ever ooze across a lot.

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