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Hamilton buyout official

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Jeff Hamilton's buyout is official. David Tanabe's buyout, as reported here, is being challenged by the NHLPA.

The Canes have removed both players from the roster page on their web site. That may have been done when they put the two players on waivers Monday, but I just checked now and they're gone.


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I'm not a medical expert (don't even play one on TV), but if Tanabe is suffering from PCS, it might explain his apparent erratic behaviour. From a hockey standpoint, I won't miss him on the blue line. His biggest contribution that I recall seeing was being checked face-first into the glass on a fairly regular basis.

Funny Leighton's name is not there or

Is management going to do they did to Leighton like they did to Hamilton? They told Hamilton when they signed him that he would be the 3rd line center and he openly thanked management for having faith in him for the position. Is management going after another backup for Ward?

I think "take the money and

I think "take the money and run" is definately Tanabe's idea. It's highly unlikely he will play in the NHL again and his concussion isn't why.

Right to work laws don't apply when a collective bargaining agreement is in place.

I know...

I was joking about that part;)  haha

Subordination indeed... He

Subordination indeed... He should just take the generous buyout offer and get the heck out of dodge. If your boss asks for a meeting and your wife has been driving you around to everywhere else but you can't make the meetings ???? please.... just go away Dave.


Tanabe must have saved someones life at some point, he is lucky to even have an NHL contract. No other team wanted him and we gave him a safe deal after St. Louis dropped him, and he screws the organization by not showing up at all.

While he may be "injured" from stretching some medical definition somewhere, he show insubordination by not showing up to scheduled meetings with JR and not properly communicating with the team about his issue.

He should quietly take the money and run.

Isn't NC a "right-to work" state? Can't the canes just fire him without a reason anyways;) hehe


Interesting to note Mr. Hordichuk is also on the team page...I guess because we technically still own his rights?


...same as Grahame and Trevor Letowski and Bret Hedican and Glen Wesley.

Looks like Michael Leighton is up there now.


Technically, Grahame is still Carolina property until July 1. But I'm surprised Leighton isn't there, although I guess Leighton could be considered an Albany player until he "officially" makes the team.

Grahame still there

It's funny they took these two off, but Grahame is still there and Leighton isn't.

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