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Gleason agrees to contract extension

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Forget all the trade speculation about Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Tim Gleason. He's staying put.

The Canes announced today they have re-signed Gleason to a four-year contract extension that will pay him $3.5 million in 2012-13, $4.5 million in 2013-14 and 2014-15, and $3.5 million in 2015-16.

"I have a really good feeling for myself and my family," Gleason said today. "At the end of the day, it's a place where you want to play hockey a place where you want to live. We're very ecstatic, very happy.

"I have a family now. If I was by myself, it would be a kind of a whatever thing. But having a family and having them like it here, it's a huge input in our decision. And with the core of players we have here, the team that we have, the way we're going forward and how things have changed around the last month or two, is something you have to look at, too."

General manager Jim Rutherford today called Gleason one of the Canes' "core players" and said he made an exception for him -- re-signing a player during a season.

"This was a first for me," Rutherford said. "This is an exception to everything I've done in the past. But there were so many (trade) rumors out there about Tim.

"When we look at Tim, we look at him as a core player, one of our (alternate) captains, one of our leaders. Bringing this to closure made a lot of sense and I'm happy he decided to do it."

Rutherford said Gleason, 29,  has a no-trade clause in each of the first two seasons of the extension.

"That's not to say we might want to trade him in year three or four," Rutherford said. "But in the (NHL salary) cap system, that gives us some flexibility."

Gleason's name had been a constant in recent trade gossip. Due to become an unrestricted free agent after the season, he expected that but said it did become burdensome.

"It's kind of a nightmare but it comes with the territory," he said. "I thought I was going somewhere every day for the last month.

"It's not really the contract thing but it's more or less if you're getting traded every single day. But when it came down to playing my game, I just did it."

Gleason is in his eighth NHL season and sixth with the Canes. He leads all Hurricanes defensemen in hits (87), plus/minus (+2) and total minutes played (1,063).

Gleason is second among Carolina blueliners in assists (13) and penalty minutes (44), and third in points (14), playing in all 51 games this season.

"We're really happy for him," Canes coach Kirk Muller said. "Obviously it shows the commitment the organization has to him being a part of the puzzle moving forward.

"He's played hard, he's done a great job shutting down the top lines recently. I just think he's a great part of that group inside (the room). The organization is excited that he wanted to make a commitment to stay here and be a part of what we're doing."



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Anyone who says Gleason has

Anyone who says Gleason has been stinky or bad obviously doesnt watch many games. He has been rock solid while there have been underacheivers all around. Great signing!!! Good job JR!!

Gleason makes the occasional

Gleason makes the occasional error, but it happens to nearly every D from time to time. His offensive production hasn't returned to 2009-10 numbers, but going forward the Canes have enough shooters on the blue line. In the current player mix, what the Canes need is a stay-at-home Wesley type who is a dependable defender, especially on the PK. JR is basically saying he wants Gleason to be that guy. I believe Gleason has improved his play from last season, so I support the contract extension. That said, Gleason does take penalties, and he can't PK when he's in the box.

Good: Now Mr. Rutherford needs to buy a vowel: Ruutu

Quite the pleasant surprise to see Mr. Rutherford's engaging in contract extensions albeit not the ones I was hoping for.  Definitely a step in the right direction so hopefully more to come. 

JR doesn't often negotiate

JR doesn't often negotiate contract extensions during the season. It appears to fix the future of the defense as Gleason, Pitkanen, perhaps Harrison, and the younger players (Faulk, McBain, Murphy, and whoever else steps forward). 


It's easier to make an exception to your in-season negotiation rule when your season is pretty much a bust.  Still, glad to see the decision.  Hard to criticize a +2 defenseman on a -29 team.  I think it's a good call to sign him at a not to outrageous price.  

Sorry But:

1. Tim has been slow the past two years.  He is frequently out of position and beaten.

2. If this isn't part of a trade deal, (doubtful), it signals contentment with status-qou D'.

3. This team doesn't lack "character or heart" -- it lacks talent.  Tim is not elite or top pairing -- #3/4 level. 

4. Hopefully there are some upgrades coming. 

Try again

Just because you put hockey in your username doesn't mean you know anything about it. Case in point here.

Tim is the only

Tim is the only Canes defenseman with a positive goal differential. you can't be +2 on a team with a -30 goal differential by getting beat often, especially while being in the #1 defensive pairing like he usually is.

I wouldn't have minded trading him away for the rest of this year and THEN signing him to this contract but he may have cost more or may have deecided he liked wherever he got traded to. good move.

This one needed to happen

Gleason provides just about everything this team needs, which includes a great example for the younger guys on how to play the game at this level.


That ends the speculation about a bidding war between Philly and Boston for Gleason as a rental. It also means that Rutherford has deviated from his past practice of not negotiating extensions during the season and lends credence to the rumors that Ruutu will be moved soon after telling the team his re-signing price is too high.

blech! Gleason's been stinky

blech! Gleason's been stinky the past two seasons, is slower each year, and HE'S the one we re-sign?!?! don't get this AT ALL. we need a top-six forward, Mr. Rutherford, not the same crew that's missed the playoffs again and again and again...jeesh!!!


Here it's length of contract not so much money on resigning him. Got a feeling it;'s going to get done though.

Well if JR move's Allen and

Well if JR move's Allen and Jaro we would've needed to keep 1 of the 3 anyway ,and it could be a sign a trade for a roster player from another team...I hope he stay's though.

Agreed....a sign and trade

Agreed....a sign and trade is a possibility but that does not seem to be JR's style. I am floored that he has done this, happy, but floored. The man continues to surprise and this one is a pleasant surprise.

No trade

As I understand it, Tim has a no trade clause for the first two years. Of course he can always be asked to waive it but based on recent public comments from him he really wants to look after his young family and offer his wife some stability after some tough times. I think he is here to stay for at least two years.

The way he has played under Mullers system where the forwards have to come back hard to help ( or sit) I think he is worth this money. Average of $4mil is 2nd pairing money in the league these days and Tim is arguably a 2nd pairing guy on even many better teams. There is an abundance of puck moving offensive guys these days, but a scarcity of stay at home tough nosed guys.

With Faulk and Murphy ( both with entry level contracts) and Joni as our offensively minded D.  Harry hopefully to resign at an affordable level joining Gleason as two shutdown type guys.  Spacek, Allen traded for prospects/draft picks. And McBain as trade bait.  That leaves us with the money to go after a 1st pairing shutdown guy.  And we still have Joslin, Sangs, Dumoulin as back up prospects should someone go down. All in all not a bad D strategy.

Not sure about this but the

Not sure about this but the extension would kick in for next season so his no-trade would as well. Trading him can be done but I really don't think JR would do it unless Tim has already agreed to it, which is doubtful. No I agree, he is here to stay and I like this extension......

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