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Fans invited to watch games alfresco

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Fans who don't have tickets to any of the Carolina Hurricanes' remaining Eastern Conference Finals home games will be able to watch them on televisions set up outside the RBC Center, the team announced today.

The team's promotions and fan development marketing department said the "front lawn parties" on the RBC Center's South Lawn will include tents where fans without game tickets can watch the games, weather permitting.

RBC Center parking lots will open at 2:30 p.m. for Saturday's Game 3, with the official lawn parties kicking off at 5 p.m. every home game night. Food and beverages will be available for purchase, and the South Lawn parties will include moon bounces and other inflatables, an area set up for street hockey and face painting.

A limited number of tickets remain for Saturday's Game 3.


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Al Fresco

Not even Al Fresco can save you now. Nor some fancy Italian term.

Maybe Al Iafrate

Amen to that.but

who in reality is willing or able to pay 300.00 for 1 seat...not complaining mind you...But with many people & fans who are feeling the economy and possible jobs layoffs all over the state & triangle...can anyone really afford to toss around 3-600.00 dollars for seats...and then say 2 weeks to 2 months later loss a job ?? Again not trying to rain on the canes parade, but still, they should have iced the price on round 3 tickets to the same price round one was..Personally I'd rather spend 300 dollars on a real canes personalized Sweater out of the catalog.But just my 25 cents worth !!!!! In fact that is what my family is going to get me for my birthday...i even got to write down the name & number i wanted...# 59 LaRose and it will be the 3rd jersey too! I always looked good in black !

Go Canes !!

I agree...

Ice the Price for round 3, absolutely. That would have been a fine gesture. The state budget in the tank, and unemployment at 10%, and furloughs and pay cuts, and 11,000 teaching jobs to be cut, and the list goes on.

C'mon front office!! Work with us. I would be there in a hearbeat. This was the round that I (and I suspect many others) felt priced out, or at least felt their wallet-consciousness kick in. 

Also, FINE choice on the Jersey name and number. Not many of those in the stands ...YET.




Hew Whirley Jerk

Umm, it's called supply and demand. You couldn't afford it (because that McDonald's gig of yours doesn't quite cut the mustard), but plenty of others could.

The Canes, at the end of the day, is a business. Why should they give you tickets for less than they are worth? Because you post here and pretend to be an expert on all things hockey? Ya, no.

Maybe take third shift over at Burger King. Or maybe kitchen duty at Dirty Dick's. Then you can get you some tix.

Hey Whiligig

Yes the front office should have and in face of a crummy economy...The Canes could have done this. Now and i think you'll one here will deny any firm company or business a fair & reasonable profit if it's custumer base is treated fairly. But seeing i am NOT a NHL team owner and etc...I'll freely admit in matter like that, I really don't have a clue. But seeing the Canes are in the 3rd round, I really don't and can't blame them, but...And yes I do like Chad LaRose as i appreciate his heart and efforts he has on and off the ice. To some he maybe a blue collar working class stiff, but I like many fans have never been a "class snob"...Have a great & safe Memorial Day week end...and remember freedom is Never free..


Go Canes !!

We're not able to go to any

We're not able to go to any more games either. My whole family (myself, my husband and 3 kids) all want to go, but even for upper level tickets it would cost us $425.  We are all huge fans but can't afford that for one game.  I did go to one playoff game but only because my husband and boys were out of town and I went with a friend....easy to splurge for just one ticket instead of 5!!Let's go Canes!  We'll be watching and cheering in our family room or from the RBC lawn!

Lots of Tickets left!!!

Just checked Ticketmaster..lots of good seats available for tomorrows game! Heck every radio station and TV station was giving them away for free this week! Let's fill er up Caniacs and scare the tuxedos off the Pens! We need this one boys...bring it and we'll bring it as well and the loudest building in the NHL!


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