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Elsewhere: Maurice and K. Adams

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Two ex-Canes In the news on an offseason Sunday: Paul Maurice and Kevyn Adams.

Maurice is one of three finalists for the Islanders coaching job, along with Bob Hartley and Scott Gordon, as reported by Newsday:

Of all the candidates with NHL head-coaching experience, Maurice's resume appears to mirror the job requirements most closely. Before his three-season tenure in Toronto that included only one playoff appearance, Maurice spent nine seasons with Hartford/Carolina. He turned a perennial also-ran into a consistent winner, cresting with a 2002 appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals. Snow is seeking the kind of long-term relationship Maurice had with Hurricanes management.

Kevyn Adams, meanwhile, is the subject of a column by Bucky Gleason of the Buffalo News. (Both Adams and Gleason would be on the short list of "Things We Like About Buffalo.") The gist? With no contract offers on the table, Adams is considering his hockey future.

“For every guy in sports who gets to decide his future like Brett Favre, there’s 99.9 percent who have their futures decided for them,” Adams said. “Unless you’re Wayne Gretzky or Mario Lemieux or an ultra superstar, nobody will know who you are in a few years. Nobody remembers. And the game moves on.”


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Kevyn Adams

I doubt the scrum KA had with Hedican had anything to do with him getting traded. If you all can think back, a battle in the training camp is a sort of a tradition. There have been some involving Craig Adams, Erik Cole and even Rod Brind'amour one year. I believe the main reason for the trade was we needed a defenseman badly two years ago. At one point we were down to only 5 d-men and I remember thinking that they were going to use Scott Walker as a d-man, if necessary. Hence, the trade. I think if it comes down to needing a 4th-line center... Kevyn should fit the bill nicely. About Sutter. I highly doubt that we are going to bring up Sutter to play a 4th-line center role. That role requires someone to play 7-10 min a game, mainly as a defensive forward and to kill penalties and take face-offs. Simply put, Sutter is too talented for that role. As a first-round pick, I bet the idea is to get him playing time and get called up if someone goes down. (not sure if he is still junior eligible, if so, that is another consideration) I think that would be more beneficial to his development and talent. No way we would have him for sit for approx 50min of a game all season. just my opinion.

If Sutter doesn't make the

If Sutter doesn't make the Canes, he has to go back to Red Deer.  IMO, that's the main reason why he'll stick.  It also wouldn't surprise me if he gets some power play time too.  If the first PP unit has Staal, Brind'Amour and Cullen, Sutter would be a good fit to center the 2nd unit.  It wouldn't surprise me if he got 10-12 minutes a night.

If Sutter is ready, he'll be

If Sutter is ready, he'll be the 4th line center most nights. My hunch is that JR is betting on him.... get Sutter up to speed before Brind'Amour's ice time begins to fall, just as Francis' ice team fell in his final seasons. If Sutter isn't ready, JR can decide whether to use Larose or O'Neill at center, or re-sign Letowski, or get one of a number of pick-up centers like Adams.

Letowski isn't an option. 

Letowski isn't an option.  He signed with Barys Astana in Kazakstan in the Russian Continental League.

IMO, Sutter really has to flop for him not to be the 4th line center.  And by flop I mean that he forgot how to skate or something...

I loved Kevyn Adams when he

I loved Kevyn Adams when he was a Cane. And yeah, there was a depth problem at center last year. When Laviolette looked down the bench the last game of the season for someone to take a draw he found Trevor Letowski.

However, thinking with my head and not my heart, he's going to be 34 in October. He only played 27 games last year and 68 the year before. More than likely, Brandon Sutter is going to be the 4th line center. Is signing Adams worth retarding Brandon Sutter's development for another year? I don't think so. While the Jim Rutherford alumni association is alive and well with the O'Neill invitation, he was an elite scorer in his prime. Adams is a penalty killer and 4th liner.

why not

Hedican is gone - lets invite Adams to camp. Why not, it apears everybody and there mother has a shot at a role player gig with this team. God knows we need the face off help.


Adams is not a defenseman like Hedican - so that wouldn't make sense.  We are now loaded at center.  Especially with the assumption Sutter will be here.  As much as we would all like to have him - there is no room on the roster for him.  He'll land somewhere.


Buy a clue - the reason Adams was traded was because of his fight with Hedican and the fallout that ensued ... a divided locker room. 

And it costs nothing to have Adams in camp - so WHY NOT ?

Probably because...

No, Kevyn is not a D man.  I think the previous poster was making a side reference to the Hedican/Adams "brotherly love" fight in practice.   The rumor is that the cold relations that followed did not do such good things for the team, although we will probably never know the complete story or full effects.

Kevyn Adams

Hey Kevyn, all of us Canes fans will remember. You always played your heart out and added so much to the team. No matter what, you certainly made a difference as a Carolina Hurricane. And anyone who's heard you do commentary knows you would likely make an excellent coach. Good luck!

Kevyn Adams

One area that the 'Canes were lacking last year was depth at the center ice position. Especially when it came to face-offs in their own end. One thing Kevyn was good at, you got it, face-offs. I know that there were some hard feelings between the two sides (as well as a player who will remain nameless), but if the organization can take Anton back, they can at least invite Kevyn back for a try-out. He's one of those types of players that teams crave. A character guy who's good on the ice and off. Maybe a two-way contract so he can add depth and work with the younger players in Albany.

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