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Canes waiting on Sundin's decision

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And no, not because they're pursuing the vacillating Swedish superstar, but because they hope Mats Sundin's decision — retirement, Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver — will unstick the currently stuck trade market, allowing them to bundle off a defenseman, most likely Frantisek Kaberle, for spare parts.

Sundin is supposed to move from perpetual indecision to partial decision by Friday, announcing whether he intends to play this season but not necessarily choosing where, which could take a few more days. (Given how long it's taken the NHL's Brett Favre, minus the championship, to get this far, who knows how long that will take?)

Anyway, at that point the losers in the Sundin Derby will presumably attempt to spend the money they had reserved for Sundin. The trickle-down effect should provoke a team seeking a defenseman or needing to get above the salary floor or both to make an offer for Kaberle or another Carolina blue-liner.

At least, that's what the Canes hope.

"It not necessarily will change our position in terms of moving a defenseman, but I do think it will open the market up once he decides where he’s going," Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford said. "It won't leave teams that are interested in him sitting waiting to see if they’re going to be the team."

The Los Angeles Kings and Atlanta Thrashers have money to spend to reach the $40.7 million salary-cap floor. Ironically enough, those are Kaberle's two previous teams.



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The Sundin drama has really gotten old and overplayed...and the fact that this guy's indecision has now managed to slow up the entire trade market in the NHL is almost a joke. Crap or get off the pot dont seem to have much heart or desire to win a Stanley Cup, so maybe you should call it career and enjoy the golfing and fishing in Sweden.


it's a good thing he don't own a fast food would be old and moldy by the time it came time to serve the order...
if we look at his stats...montreal could use him more than anyone else...but seeing I don't know as much a most of yall here about the ins & outs of Team management...I'll just sit here in the cheap seats...drink my diet soda...enjoy my mini bag of microwave butterd pop-corn...and burp when I please...;-}

Maybe not friday...

Sundin's agent has said August 1st isnt a firm date, it was lost intranslation for meaning the begining of the month.  Sundin will be deciding early in the month but by the close of the day on 8/1/08 he may still be undecided.

 Apparently as any as 6 teams have made an offer, although I do wonder how much of that is PR to ensure teams that have made an offer stay in the game and maybe even up their offers.  Don't get me wrong Sundin is worth the money, but in this "cap-age" how many teams have upwards of $10mill a season to offer anybody.  

 I have my own debates about players waiting to make descisions to play.  I don't have as much of a problem with Sundin as it is only late July right now, but Selanne and Neidermeyer who wait till december is just nuts.  I understand the concept of top teir players "earning the right" to decide when they play but with caps and budgets involved they have to have some sensitivities towards the teams finances, and the simple disruption of the chemistry the plays who were at training camp.

...Just thinking out loud.

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