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Canes victory, Part II

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For those wondering how center Matt Cullen would fare after that big blindside hit Sunday in the Flyers game, check out his line from the 4-2 win over the Predators:

A game-high 22:44 ice time, 25 shifts, 11-5 on faceoffs (consider that Eric Staal and Brandon Sutter were a combined 10-26), two takeaways and a blocked shot. Looks like he's ready for the regular season. ...

Staal had two goals, including the winner, but had to shake his head when asked about being stoned on a breakaway by Preds goalie Dan Ellis in the third period with the Canes leading 3-2.

"I tried to go five-hole and he made a good save and then on the rebound I thought I had the whole net and he came across with his toe," Staal said with a smile. "I then got a third crack at it from behind the net." ...

Canes goalie Cam Ward had a pleasant experience Thursday night -- watching the other goalie give up two early goals. Brandon Sutter and Ryan Bayda each scored goals against Ellis in the first three minutes of the game, Bayda's a short-handed score, for a 2-0 lead.

"It's always nice as a goaltender to work with a lead and it was the first lead I've worked with since the start of the exhibition season, so it was very nice," Ward said.

Ward had 12 saves and Michael Leighton 18 after coming on in the second period. ...

Defenseman Anton Babchuk had two assists and a team-high five blocked shots. ....

Dan LaCouture's tryout now includes this statistic: plus-2 in the Nashville win.

Canes coach Peter Laviolette on the victory:

"I thought it was a good road win and a good job of putting it away. I thought we stopped our attack in the third period a little bit. Maybe it was a little too protective and too defensive.

"You've got to continue to play a game for 60 minutes the way that you started the game, regardless of the score. Because if you don't, then you'll be on your heels and you'll be waiting for them to do something.

"You have to initiate and I thought we stopped initiating a little bit in the third period. I think there's still a way to go after them and be safe about it and responsible."

Laviolette wasn't complaining. He was just making a point. ...





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No mercy ?

trust me folks...the coach is NOT cutting anyone any slack. Wether they be a lazy vet...or a wanna be cane newbie... all are giving the best they can give or else...and sadly Jeff O'Neill saw that and knew his current best wasn't going to cut give the Coach a little credit will ya ! But if anyone here think they can do better...I am sure JR and Mr. K will be more than happy to give you a shot...and will look over your coaching resume a good look over...won't they ? And last but not least...never forget...Opinions are like "back pockets" on jeans...Everybody has one of two of them...don't they ?? Go Canes !!

Its always someone's fault?

What a bunch of complainers some of you are. Its Lavi's fault, its Jr's fault, now its Tampa and Washington's fault.....blah....blah...blah. Lavi's comments are what a coach is supposed to do. Pick apart the good and bad and find out what can be better. He provides the system and either the players buy into it or they dont. If they dont, they need to go. If they all dont, the coach needs to go. Any chance we can give this team a few games to play that actually mean something before we slam the GM, the coach and the whole season for that matter? As to who's fault it is....if they just take care of their own business, what Washington and Tampa do wont matter. Have we all picked which player we're going to blame this season on yet? Hmmm, we've done Kaberle, Grahame, Wallin and Ward seems to be in the running this season now. Last I checked, hockey was a team sport.


Peter is already repeating himself... we heard him speak all too often the past two seasons about 30 & 40 minute efforts that came up short. He's been sending this message again this pre-season, despite the fact that one would expect lulls in games where you're looking at oddball lines, prospects and such.

The Canes (and Laviolette) cannot afford another extended lull like they did in Nov/Dec last year. Washington won't get off to the slow start they did last year and who really knows what TB & Fla will do, but there's a good chance they'll both be better.

I don't think that it

I don't think that it matters if a player is a prospect or a veteran. 

 All the player has to do is follow Laviolette's system.

think veterans tune out the coach so I'd rather have a bunch of guys the
need to prove themselves rather than a bunch of lazy veterans with fat contracts.

 I've never seen this in the NHL but Lavi's AHL teams looked like
possessed demons.  I'd like to see his players play like that once

The solution is to give Laviolette the dual coach/gm role.

In the immortal words of Sensei Kreese of the Kobra Kai dojo... mercy!!!

And that is

What the Coach is suposed to do...keep it all in perspective, and to the point ! 60 mins. means 60 mins. of hockey...never give the other team an inch or a millimeter...

Go Canes !!

So true.

So true.

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