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Canes unveil All-Star Game logo

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RALEIGH — The Carolina Hurricanes unveiled the logo for the upcoming All-Star Game Monday.

The team held a press conference on the 23rd floor of the RBC Plaza building in downtown Raleigh to show off the logo, which was designed by the league.

This weekend, a 5,000-square foot rendering of the logo will be displayed near the top of the building, visible to those attending the annual Raleigh Wide Open festival, which is Saturday.

"As each week goes by, it becomes more and more real for our fans," said Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford.

The Hurricanes host the 2011 All-Star Game on on Jan. 30.

The logo, Rutherford noted, has a footprint shaped like the Hurricanes' logo.

Asked if there would be tickets for the game made available to the general public, Rutherford said he wasn't sure.

"That's too early to tell," he said. "The people that will get first dibs on the tickets will be season ticket holders, and if season ticket holders don't buy out all of the tickets, along with the allotment that goes to the league because the league uses between 6,000 and 8,000, then at some point in time, there would be some tickets that would go on public sale, but I can't guarantee that's going to happen."

Rutherford said the number of season ticket holders has only been higher after the bump from the team capturing the Stanley Cup in 2006. He said he thought that's a result of both the All-Star Game and also excitement over a young Hurricanes team that will take the ice this season.

"I think it's a little bit of both," he said.

Rutherford expected the local business community to get a more substantial financial bump than the team.

But the Hurricanes will get revenue from the sale of All-Star Game-related merchandise up to a month before the game. Rutherford wasn't sure how much that would amount to.

"It depends on how much you want to buy," he joked with a reporter.

Rutherford was also asked if owner Peter Karmanos, who is seeking to sell a share of the team, had anything new to report on that front.

“I talked to Karmanos this morning,” said Rutherford. “There’s not any update.”


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I'm Ready for the 2010-2011 season

  The 2009-2010 season was one of those times where about everything that could go wrong did.  One thing that went quite right was the support the Caniacs gave to the team.  The other thing that went right was the young players and the core team pulled together and never quit. 

   The 2010 draft and the trades around the draft were fantastic.  With Skinner, Nash, and Sanguinetti, the Hurricanes wound up with three first round picks all of whom are very talented players.  I was amazed and extremely pleased that both Corvo and Carson were re-signed.  With Babchuk returning to the team,  suddenly the defense has been transformed into an extremely talented group.  With Pitkanen, Corvo, McBain, Sanguinetti, and Babchuk, the offensive firepower on defense is impressive. 

  The only hard part is waiting for the pre-season to begin.  I am ready to watch this group of highly skilled and highly motivated young players make their mark.  It won't always be pretty, ballet-like hockey; but nobody will doubt their will to win.

It should be the most

It should be the most interesting season since 2005-06 after the lockout. Just don't get your hearts set on making the playoffs. If it happens, great.

Right on Brother!

Great post! This team WILL be very exciting and fun to watch! Hurry up October. Go Caniacs! Go Canes!!!

Great question

That's a good Monday Debate topic. Which Canes make the All-star game, and which make the Young-stars game? How many Staals make the All-Staal game?

Logo is nice

but are we going to put anyone in the all-star game??

As long as E. Staal lives up

As long as E. Staal lives up to his God given talent, he'll be in.  He has a history of generating excitement at The Game.

If Timmy Gleason can step it up one more notch, he has a good chance.  And of course there's a good chance for Wardo, but he has to bring it.

Remember: step 1 is that these guys play decently enough in the first part of the season to get on the ballot.  Then you the fans have a part in step 2, i.e. voting.  Finally, step 3 would be the selections made by the NHL outside of fan voting.

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