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Canes place Kaberle on waivers

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Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford said defenseman Frantisek Kaberle was placed on waivers today.

Kaberle, 35, is in his fourth season with the Canes and has missed 24 games because of injuries. He scored the winning goal in the seventh game of the 2006 Stanley Cup final against the Edmonton Oilers.

"It's always tough to break ties with someone," Rutherford said. "He was a big part of the Cup run and scored the big goal.

"But at some point, it's a part of our business that you have to cut ties. The first half of the season we talked about cutting our defense. We're getting to the point our defense is healthier, and we've had guys come in from Albany and do a good job as depth guys."

Kaberle has a $2.2 million salary with the Canes, and the decision to put him on waivers is a cost-saving move to shed salary.

"We decided to move a contract and to give him a chance with someone else," Rutherford said. "If he clears waivers, he'll still be a part of our team."



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How about...

Kyle McLaren


..hard to compare Hedican with Kaberle. Anaheim signed Hedican for just over $800K for 1 year. Kaberle, after this year, still has 2 more years at $2.2mil per.

1 more year only

Actually, according to, he only has one more year on his contract.

True.  Sorry about that.

True.  Sorry about that.

Good point

Good point Freddy32 - I forgot about the additional years.

This could just be a cost

This could just be a cost cut with no addition coming back.


The team is over budget and under performing.  It just makes sense to cut Kaberle loose if you can.  It also gives you a chance to work a young d-man into the lineup.  I would be shocked to see the Canes add more salary.

Thanks Frankie.....

You were an important part of the great experience we had in 2005/2006. Good luck!!!

Positive Move

I wouldn't be surprised if someone picks him up. If Hedican gets picked up by Anaheim then surely someone will take Kaberle for not much more money for the rest of the year.

I'm glad to see this because hopefully this means we are going to start bringing the young guys up and keep them up here where they belong. They know how to play the style that the current coaching staff wants, and will give us the more physical aspect that we need more of.

If we get another forward my guess is that it will be via trade.


I'll take Gabby now please ;)

Not Likely, and no thank you

Gaborik is gonna cost 3-4 times what Kaberle cost... I'd pass and budget-wise, it just won't happen.


I think waiving Kaberle was entirely the correct decision. I will be surprised if any other team picks him up from waivers. I assume Jim Rutherford has been trying to work a trade involving Kaberle for some time. I hope against hope that this move is a sign that Jim Rutherford has been permitted to bring in one more wing or center. I think the Hurricanes are one excellent offensive player away from being a top six team.


I agree. One player away from being a pretty strong team.

Agreed. We are on a path to

Agreed. We are on a path to missing the playoffs for a 3rd year in a row after the winning the Cup. What an embarrassment. And Jim Rutherford just does not get it. Hockey requires at least a few players who can play some semblance of a physical game. Rutherford insists on putting together the softest team he can and then scratches his head and wonders why we cannot compete on a regular basis and why we have so many injuries. Asking a smallish, non-physical team to try to ‘grind out’ wins is ludicrous.


Not sure what that post was about. Kaberle is not a physical players and Rutherford waived him. That poster should be happy. Kaberle or Wallin were the two blue liners JR was hoping to move in the off-season. Injuries, salary, and a no trade clauses in Wallin's contract made that hard.  Best of luck to Frankie, and likely not a goodbye for the reasons posted already.

Was referring to previous

Was referring to previous posters comments:

"The Canes are unwatchable until they get more physical and score more than 2 goals a game."

 Hope Rutherford is able to get Frankie's salary off the books.  Maybe, he'll add another player to the mix.  And hopefully, he'll finally wise up and get a player who isn't a 5'8", 165 lb perimeter player like most of our team.


Physical Play and Kaberle

I think Jim Rutherford fully understands the need to have sufficiently physical players on the team.  I believe within the confines of the budget constraints he faces,  he is moving toward a team that includes an increase in physical play and size.  Gleason, Ruutu, Seidenberg, and Babchuk have size and temperment to hit.  Borer, Conboy, and Carson also are large-framed athletes.  Sutter is 6'4" and when he gets his man strength, he will be much more of a beast than he is at 19 and still slight of frame.  Wallin may well surprise us all with more physical play under Francis and Maurice.  Notwithstanding those observations,  I would really like to see Jim Rutherford find somebody like Chris Thorburn (C, 6'4" 225 lbs for the Thrashers) to add to the team right now.

Move is way overdue

He had one good year. The rest of his career has been mediocre at best.

The Canes are unwatchable until they get more physical and score more than 2 goals a game.

If he clears...

I think there is a good chance he will not be picked up due to 3 things.
1) $1.1 million for the team to pay.
2) 35 years old.
3) injury, he has missed 24 games and was injury prone for the last 2+ years.

I think he has played great and would be missed but this was out there since the start of the season.

Good luck Frantisek.

Well now...

the reasons he won't get picked up are more with Number 2...his age & # 3 his injuries...maybe he just ought to consider talking with JR face to face...see if they can come to some agreement,cash him out...and if he wants to go to Europe or ( dare i say it) KHL and see about getting on a team for the balance of the year...

i wish him the best...but if he does finish the year in canes will be a very "pleasent" surprise...but then some here don't think so...hehehe...

Go Rats !!

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