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Cameo by the captain

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Rod Brind'Amour was back on the ice today. Well, sort of.

The Canes' captain, who had arthroscopic surgery on his knee last week, stepped out on the RBC Center ice in sneakers, not skates. He did a little stick-handling, then took a few long shots at the goal on the north end of the arena.

Hey, it's a start. Brind'Amour, who had a wrap around the knee, hopes to return for a preseason game or two.

Staff photo by Chris Seward


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Those are some butt ugly

Those are some butt ugly kicks he's wearing...

Hail to the Warchief!

Hail to the Warchief!

Easy Roddy

On fresh ice in sneakers, taking shots. That's a knee injury waiting to (re)occur. Easy Roddy, we need you for the opener!

Bad knee. Walking around on

Bad knee. Walking around on ice.
I'm nervous.

...Rod's crazy, but somehow

...Rod's crazy, but somehow I can't blame him!

I'd prefer

I'd prefer he wait till Oct 10. But he is the Captain. I'm sure he knows when he's healthy and when he's not.

Capt. Kool !!!

Now that's what i'm talking about !! Go Roddy...but please wait until the 3rd pre-season game...we need ya dude...but not out of half the pushing too hard too fast !! Thanks Chip for that great news !


Go Canes !!

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