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Not to be missed, NHL director of officiating Stephen Walkom goes over the points of emphasis for referees and linesmen this season.

Just a warning: They show Kurtis Foster getting his leg broken trying to touch up an icing early in the video. If you didn't know what happened, it doesn't look that bad. But since we all know what happened, it's pretty cringeworthy.

Also, the league makes clear any contact with the goalie -- deliberate, incidental, even some that could be interpreted as unavoidable -- will result in a disallowed goal. I disagree with the liberal interpretation of goaltender interference because I think defensemen will just start nudging forwards toward the crease hoping for a call, although I do commend the league for trying to protect goalies from crease-crashing.

Tim Gleason makes a cameo appearance with a gentle tug on Vincent Lecavalier's elbow on a breakaway that Walkom points out is still a hooking penalty.


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They really needed to show diving so we could actually see the NHL definition. Perhaps a few of Erik Cole's great swan dives or Jeff O'Neill's could've been used.

Great heads Up Luke !!

Appreciate the time and efforts...and it sounds like the game could be even faster than it is now...

Go Canes !

New Icing rule

Thanks Luke!

One new rule that I particularly like wasn't covered here is that if there is an icing call when a TV timeout is due, the timeout is postponed to the next stoppage in play. Teams were icing when they knew they'd get the free timeout to rest the guys that couldn't change.

I think the changes in face-off locations are good improvements.

Goaltender I/F looks like it will continue to be largely a judgement call, but I'm sure plenty of GM's/coaches were talking the issue up after the Holmtrom calls during the playoffs.

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