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Bolts will have new coach in Raleigh

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Cancel any plans to check out Barry Melrose in action, coaching the Tampa Bay Lightning on Sunday at the RBC Center.

The Lightning canned Melrose after 16 games Friday and will have Rick Tocchet behind the bench when they come to Raleigh. Tocchet, who served as associate coach, has been named interim head coach.

So the Canes will face the Lightning in their first game under a new coach. Should be interesting. Some timing for the Hurricanes.



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It indeed looks to be the

It indeed looks to be the end of Lavi's career with the Canes. I still hope he can turn it around, but we are too talented to be losing these games. I think tonight may have been the last straw. It just looks too much like the last two seasons already. And I don't think JR will repeat the mistake of holding on to the coach until its too late because a team this talented should be making the playoffs every year.

I think its ridiculous that we need to rebuild as I saw another comment suggest, we just need a fresh approach that can inspire players like Staal, Samsonov, Cullen and Eaves.

I've always liked Laviolette and will ALWAYS appreciate what he has done for our franchise. He is a class act and though I thought I'd never say this, it is time for a change.

Well, the Canes are down 2-0

Well, the Canes are down 2-0 in Atlanta as we speak and playing slightly worse than horrendous. We may see 2 new coaches on Sunday.

Laviolette will be available

Laviolette will be available next week.

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