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UNC's Thorp responds to Tancredo protest

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UNC Chapel Hill Chancellor Holden Thorp has issued a statement today apologizing to former Congressman Tom Tancredo, whose speaking engagement Tuesday night on campus ended abruptly in the midst of a student protest.

Thorp wrote that he was "disappointed" by the incident and called Tancredo today to apologize.

He wrote in part:

There's a way to protest that respects free speech and allows people with opposing views to be heard. Here that's often meant that groups protesting a speaker have displayed signs or banners, silently expressing their opinions while the speaker had his or her say. That didn't happen last night.


Here's the full text of his statement to the university community. 



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If Thorp wants to do the right thing, he will allow the police to ID and prosecute those disruptive students......along with kicking them out of the University. Ain't gonna happen!


Thorp's statement roughly translates to "Please Let Me Keep My High Paying University Job."

So it appears the inmates are running the asylum at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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