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UNC's Thorp: Krzyzewskiville a waste of time?

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UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp chimed in big time on Twitter today with a serious zinger aimed at Duke basketball and Krzyzewskiville, the tent city where hoops-crazy students spend a good portion of their winter.

Here's the link.

I smell a feud. Your turn, President Brodhead!


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UNC Chancellor Thorp

How mature.  If I were a student at UNC, I'd be embarrassed.

Story Updated ....

This little tweet-drama has been updated twice already.  Broadhead responded and Thorp aplogized.

Chanc Thorp issued an apology tweet around 3:15 for his original flippant tweet but, alas, such incidents tend to linger long in this sports market.

Marvin Austin???

Obviously, UNC has not learned the finer points of technology.

Marvin Austin did not pass on the perils of twitter to the top guy at UNC.

Thorp "messed up".

While Duke students are

While Duke students are sitting in tents, UNC students are talking about the future, and both put basketball before everything else, NCSU students are creating the future.

cause there's no Bball to watch

NCSU students are simply bored or depressed since the bball product that ole Sid is offering is downright deplorable.

Best waste of time I ever

Best waste of time I ever had. 


Since I am sure that Holden intended his comments to be funny, mine are as well.  Certainly UNC students are speculating about the future sanctions that will be levied by the NCAA for numerous violations in the football program.  And the football players are asking smart questions about whether anyone is watching while their hands are stuck out looking for "gifts".  Or these same student athletes may even be questioning if one of the three employees on the UNC staff assigned to monitor their class attendance is actually watching.

I could go on, but of course this was all meant in fun!

Thats funny...

Last I checked students at the following schools made more than UNC grads...









UNC is a joke and employers know it.


Stop Whining!!!!!!

Some people will do anything for attention! Guess he is jealous because Duke fans actually make noise instead of sitting and staring like they're at an opera. Remember when Charlie Ward said the Carolina auditorium was like a "Wine and Cheese" factory? Carolina fans come out from under their rock twice per year and they actually show emotion during the Duke games. Other than that, it's like watching paint dry!

Close but that was Sam

Close but that was Sam Cassell who said that.

Says something about ones

Says something about ones mentality when you are paying over $30k a year in tutition yet spens most of a semester living in a tent to see a game thats being televised!Only at dook!!

Where did you go to school?

It's spelled D-U-K-E. You must be a Carolina student. You can't spell!

uhhh oh .....

How long before Butch & Blake & Tutor & Goofy Ol' Roy comments appear ..... 8-7-6-5 .....

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