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UNC's Thorp apologizes - via tweet

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Fun's over.

UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp has now apologized for his tweet earlier today about Krzyzewskiville. Sheesh. And this Chancellor/President feud was just showing some promise.


His latest:

"Sorry about the tent/Kville Tweet. Both U's have great students. I shouldn't have gotten carried away by our rivalry in basketball."

Well, I suppose that was fun while it lasted.

Thorp's apology came just after I used my journalistic cunning to pry this response out of Duke President Richard Brodhead:

"Hey Holden, someone hacked your Twitter account to talk trash. May the best team win. From the land of TRUE Blue, Dick."

Some context: Thorp's comments came during a digital town hall discussion on innovation.

Okay. Everyone get back to work.


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So you have a technical

So you have a technical school in Raleigh that is a top engineering, design and textile school and you have a school in Durham that is a great engineering school and has top law and medical degrees.  What have you got in Chapel Hill?  A bunch of pricks who can't stay off Twitter. 


Did not take long to get caught up in the UNC arrogance.

Hey Thorp, have you ever heard of Marvin Austin, the tweet master?

"Tweeting" is a timebomb

The immediacy and impulsiveness of "tweeting" is a liability a high profile figure does not need.  Blurt out 140 characters, hit send .... and DUCK!!!

Unless one is a Kardashian and theres no such thing as bad publicity, it's best left to teen-agers and convicts.

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