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UNC Brass and golden parachutes

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For years, top brass across the UNC system have received a tidy perk at the time of their retirement - a year's pay at their full salary.

Under a UNC system policy formalized several years ago, the heads of public university campuses and an array of other administrators have received this pay - all public money - with very few strings attached. And in some cases, campuses violated policy and gave it to people who shouldn't have received it.

In the News & Observer today, we explore this issue, which has tapped the North Carolina taxpayer for about $8 million over the last five years.

For a brief summary of many of the high-profile folks who benefitted from this policy - including former UNC system President Molly Broad and others - click here.

And for a look at what one former university leader - former UNC Chapel Hill Chancellor James Moeser - did after stepping away from the job - check out this story.


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Joke of a Story

This is peanuts compared to how Corporate America is raping us, how the tax laws have been rigged for 30 years to enrich the already uber-wealthy and screw the middle class, how many bankers (some in this very state) are blatant criminals. Why not tackle that, oh "great" muckraking journalists? What a joke of a story.

How igiii?

igilliii .... "The sports booster clubs pass the costs along to the taxpayer and ...."

How exactly do they do that igii? You never get specific, you just do your little post-it-note and run off. Be specific igiii.

UNC Brass and golden parachutes

The 8 million total is tiny compared to payoffs fired UNC coaches have received. An don't be fooled by the claim that no taxpayer money is involved. The sports booster clubs pass the costs along to the taxpayer and to the students again and again and again.

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