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At UNC, Tancredo speech gets out of control

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A talk by former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo at UNC Chapel Hill spiraled quickly out of control Tuesday night when protestors disrupted the speech and sent Tancredo scurrying for cover.

As Jesse Deconto reports, Tancredo, who opposes in-state tuition benefits for illegal immigrants, only spoke for a few minutes before protestors broke a window at Bingham Hall.

Tancredo's appearance on campus was sponsored by the UNC-CH chapter of Youth for Western Civilization, a national group of students who oppose mass immigration, affirmative action and multiculturalism.




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This Just In From The Ministry of Truth !!!

The word RACIST is so bandied about these days, it has been reduced to meaning, "anyone who disagrees with my opinions about illegal immigration."

Now, the dictionary definition of racism-and I'm paraphrasing, but this is almost spot on-is the belief
that one's race makes them superior to another race."

NEVER have I heard in the debate against illegal immigration
anyone express the belief that illegal immigration is an evil because of its racial component.

Truth be told, there are illegals from Britain and Ireland and Canada as well as illegals from Mexico and Central America.

Ostensibly, illegals may be among the melanin deprived, and there presence may be opposed by the equally melanin deprived.

That said, I must ask of The Correct, if white people oppose other white people here illegally, is that racism ?

Perhaps no, the little light that floats over the heads of the Agenda Saturated is starting to flicker to life.

For if it is not racism to oppose the illegals from Ireland,
then why is it racism to oppose the illegals from Mexico ?

At this point, the little light over the head's of The Correct should begin to emit a dim glow.....

Perhaps you are beginning to understand the illogic of the racial interpretation of the opposition to illegal immigration.

Here's how your thought process has been molded in order to transform you into, as Marxists call them, useful fools.

First, you know on a gut level that the overwhelming number of illegals come from Mexico and Central America.

People from those locals often are melanin enriched and do not speak English.

With this as a starting point, it does not take much for little student heads to be filled with the misconception
that those who oppose illegals do so because illegals
have melanin content....which of course may be interpreted as racism.

And, as has been completely verified by The Ministry of Truth, that which may be labeled racism may be seen as hate which may be countered by any means necessary,
up to and including the deprivation of free speech.

Not incidentally, the powerful forces that have brainwashed you have made you into the frontline in
The New Mexican Slave Trade. It's possibly the best mindf*ck ever by Corporate America and Mega Agribusiness.

And we all pay the price of your little misguided philosophy that toils in ernest for The Invasion of the U.S.
by a Third World horde from a 500 year old culture.

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