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State unemployment drops to 9.7 percent

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North Carolina's unemployment rate dropped slightly in August to 9.7 percent. That's the lowest rate the state has seen in more than a year.

The rate was a small improvement over the July unemployment rate of 9.8 percent, according to figures released this morning by the N.C. Employment Security Commission. The July rate was the first one in the single digits since February 2009, when the rate was also 9.8 percent.

ESC chairman Lynn Holmes said the state is beginning to see growth in the professional and business services sectors as well as manufacturing jobs.

"While local education accounted for most of the job growth, there was an increase of 4,800 jobs in the private sector," she said.


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Wow. Only 9.7%??? I just lost my job.

The small company I was working for lost a contract & I lost my job while I was on medical leave while working 40 hrs / week at home...

Oh well.

Goto nc esc dot com.

I don't understand the "Seasonally Adjusted" thing. Maybe the N&O can explain??

"North Carolina Not Seasonally Adjusted" (Aug). I do not get the math??? Is the NC gov proud of 441,326 Unemployed in NC looking for work?

LaborForce 4,509,932
Employed 4,068,606
Unemployed 441,326


The Tarheel Worker

Most Tarheels know 4% unemployment is high.Normally the North Carolinians have a very low rate of unemployment.I think it might have to do with their work ethic and the intelligent alumni produced at our fine universities.

It might also be related to the Snuffy Smith Syndrome which afflicts some of our most colorful non-workers.

I guess all the conservative fear

I guess all the conservative fear promises that unemployment was never going to drop  in our new socialist economy was all just...well.... fear.  No socialism and a rebounding economy, the black guy in office is really irking you guys isn't he?

Long way to go though. Need to invest into social programs and healthcare.


Hey complainers below, what are you suggestions to fixing this. 

 - Cut Taxes for the rich?

 - Cut Taxes for Business?

 - Remove all social programs (except the ones that you use)?




Weeksgroove mo and ron comments

Only a real idiot thinks 9.7% unemployment is a win! I guess at this point, salvaging "hope you can believe in" should be the new slogan since BIOB is not working.


Do-gooders always do wrong.  Read "Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets" and you will see the folly of centuries of do-gooders, from Mao Tse Dung to Che Guavera to Peron, etc...all wrecking economies and social systems and wreeking havoc in the name that big brotha knows best!


Goerge Orwell was right when he wrote 1984 for the USA, just 25 years too early.

Only a nanosecond for the political attacks. 9.7% Whoo-Hoo!

The Socialist control economies have all failed. Soviet Union , Europe, Cuba  and   CA, NY,MI.

And by the way Libertarians like myself work for a living and pay our own way.

Not suckling off the Government Teat on Social Programs like the Democrat Socialists/Obama Welfare Class.

But Hey, What can you expect from a Corrupt Chicago "Community Organizer" who has NEVER held a private sector job?


Spot on! Hard to believe the crap spewed by the other mo!

This is just to give a little Liberal news.

They have not told yu how many have been layed of.Dont foget school has started back and since the #s are up they had to rehire teachers they let go.So really no more employment.People getting layed of and businees people closing there busineesses so dont get over joyed.People are taking part time jobs that can,t draw no more unemp.Listen to some other news.That was on the noon news,just today.Sorry liberals.No more votes because of that little bite of news you thought.

let me know....

Let me know when it drops below 8% as promised. Then it will be news.

Happy Days are Here Again!

Hooray! Unemployment has "dropped" to 9.7%.

Oops,that doesn't include people who have stopped looking for work[dropped out of the workforce] or those who want full time work and can only find part time work. This is the U6 Underemployment/unemployment rate and is over 17% nationally.

Hey Sue, how about doing some real reporting, instead of parroting the NCESC. What about doing some background and reporting what the NC U6 rate is? I bet it is above 9.7%.

Probably too much like real work though, Probably.

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