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School board helps Schewel "bow" out

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Tonight is the last school board meeting for Vice Chairman Steve Schewel. Anyone who knows Schewel, who did not seek re-election this spring, knows his signature bowtie.

To mark the end of Schewel's term, the entire Board of Education, plus some of the district's top administrators and staff, donned bowties in a rainbow of colors at tonight's meeting. (If you're at home in Durham, turn on Channel 4 and check it out.)

Even the ladies wore them with their blouses, or on their bare necks. Schewel checked them out as he entered the board meeting, telling Pastor Fredrick Davis that his yellow and black houndstooth looked especially dapper.

Board Chairwoman Minnie Forte-Brown presented Schewel with a plaque. There were some funny words, and some moving words, from Forte-Brown in her sendoff. Schewel had some of his own words:

"Our public schools are the hope of this nation," Schewel said. "It’s a place where we all come together regardless race, class, ... first language. I pity the people who choose to send their children elsewhere," he continued. "This is where we learn to get along ... The new America is being forged in our public schools."

Newly elected board member Leigh Bordley will take her position in a couple of weeks.


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Steve Schewel has faithfully

Steve Schewel has faithfully served the people of Durham and has looked out for the interests of the students during his tenure. He will be missed.

Justin B. Clark
DPS Student Advisory Council

Schewel has been a

Schewel has been a disappointment--milque toast.

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