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Another "best places" ranking? Ptui!

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Durham is about to become the Best Place to Look at a Spittoon Collection.

The State Historic Sites Division has agreed to purchase a collection of 282 brass, glass and porcelain spittoons from Connecticut collector Jim Kinner, for display at the Duke Homestead State Historic Site. The price was $6,700, about half the collection's market value, the state agency said in a press release Monday.

The acquisition will make the Duke Homestead's collection the nation's largest.  

Spittoons became necessary pieces of furniture in the 19th Century when numerous men and women adopted the habit of chewing tobacco or dipping snuff, a more powdery form of the weed. The result was saliva too nasty to swallow — and spitting on the floor was considered bad form.



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Alrighty now....

and for what reason or purpose does this serve?

RE: ???

Of course it came from the taxpayers!! Where do you think the "Government" gets its money?! And why does Durham need that many spittoons? Don't you think one or two of each would suffice? Spread the wealth, folks! Who wants to be known as having the largest collection of spittoons? Well, I'm glad I don't live in Durham! That city just gets stranger and stranger!

For real...

This is why so many feel disenfranchised from their government. While gas is still $3.75 a gallon, people are forfeiting their homes, and feeding your family is a major economic decision, we can all take comfort in our "representative" government making sound decisions on our behalf. WHERE IS THE ACCOUNTABILITY?????

Spittoon Collection

And we couldn't support a teapot museum? Folks, where are our values?


What a wonderful way to spend 6700 dollars, I hope that wasn't from Tax payers.

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